10 MLB Managers With Most Postseason Wins

MLB managers with the most postseason achievements include some renowned names. Joe Torre tops the list with an impressive 84 playoff wins.

Tony La Russa is not far behind with 71 victories, followed by Bobby Cox at 67. Rounding out the top five are Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy.

These MLB managers are celebrated for their achievements and are considered some of the best in baseball history. Currently, Bochy and Baker are still active in their roles, while Torre, La Russa, and Cox have stepped back from managing.

It’s noteworthy to mention that only a select group, eight MLB managers in total, have achieved more than forty playoff wins.

This is a significant achievement because the MLB playoffs are incredibly competitive. Furthermore, half of the top ten MLB managers in this category have earned the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Top MLB Managers with the most wins in Playoff 2023

Joe Torre84
Tonny La Russa71
Bobby Cox67
Dusty Baker52
Bruce Bochy48
Dave Roberts45
Terry Francona44
Jim Leyland44
Casey Stengel37
Sparky Anderson34

1. Joe Torre – 84

Joe Torre stands at the top with the most postseason victories by any Major League Baseball (MLB) manager, having 84 to his name. He’s best remembered for restoring the New York Yankees to their former greatness.

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His career in MLB spans a remarkable 29 years as a manager and another 18 as a player. Before he took the helm at the Yankees between 1996 and 2007, Torre managed teams like the Mets, Braves, and Cardinals. However, he had no playoff victories with these teams.

Once he started managing the Yankees, they consistently reached the postseason every year under his leadership.

The team clinched four World Series championships during this period. Out of the total 84 postseason victories, 76 were with the Yankees. Later, when he moved to the Dodgers in 2008, he achieved 8 more playoff wins.

Torre concluded his managing stint with the Dodgers in 2010, marking a career record of 2,326 wins against 1,997 losses. Over his nearly three-decade managerial career, he was honored with two AL Manager of the Year awards.

Further, in recognition of his contributions to the game, he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.

2. Tonny La Russa – 71

Tony La Russa was a notable manager in Major League Baseball. He managed three different teams and was with each of them for at least ten years.

Throughout his career, he clinched three World Series titles and had a postseason score of 71 wins to 61 losses.

In 1979, La Russa began managing the Chicago White Sox, a team he led on more than one occasion. By 1983, he took the White Sox to the postseason, reaching the ALCS. Unfortunately, they were defeated by the Orioles.

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In 1986, he moved to the Oakland A’s. Under his leadership, the team reached three pennants and won the 1989 World Series.

Later, he shifted to the St. Louis Cardinals, marking his most triumphant period as a manager. With the Cardinals, he secured three NL pennants and two World Series titles.

He ended his time with the Cardinals in 2011. However, he made a comeback to manage the White Sox in 2021. He decided to retire again in 2022, boasting a career record of 2,902 wins and 2,515 losses.

3. Bobby Cox – 67

Bobby Cox is a standout figure in baseball’s history. He’s among a rare group of just four MLB managers to claim over 2,500 wins, with 67 of those in the postseason.

His leadership was crucial for the Atlanta Braves’ success in the 1990s. Impressively, under his guidance, the Braves clinched the NL East division title 14 times in a row.

In addition to this, Bobby led the Braves to earn five pennants and to win the 1995 World Series, marking Atlanta’s first victory in the event. In recognition of his achievements, he was unanimously voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.

Bobby also set a record in Major League Baseball by achieving six seasons with over 100 wins. He stands out for guiding his team to the playoffs 16 times.

And from 1991 to 1999, he consistently qualified the Braves for the National League Championship Series, a feat no other manager achieved for that many consecutive years.

In comparison, Bobby’s playoff track record shines brightly, especially when contrasted with Craig Counsell from the Brewers.

Despite Counsell’s commendable efforts, his playoff record of 7 wins to 12 losses is considered low among MLB managers who’ve overseen at least fifteen games in Major League Baseball.

4. Dusty Baker – 52

Baker is currently the Houston Astros’ manager. Under his leadership, the team reached the 2023 ALCS. His postseason management record stands at 52 wins and 47 losses.

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Baker’s journey as a manager began in 1993 with the San Francisco Giants. Before that, he spent five years as their first-base coach.

When he took on the managerial role, he was the youngest baseball manager and was just starting out in management.

Before becoming a manager, Baker was a professional baseball outfielder. He played for nineteen years in the major leagues.

One of his notable achievements was winning the World Series in 1981 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. During that victorious year, he also received the Golden Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

In 2020, Baker joined the Astros. Under his guidance, the team has consistently performed well, reaching the American League Championship Series multiple times. Of particular note, the Astros clinched the World Series title in the 2022 season.

5. Bruce Bochy – 48

Bruce Bochy is the current manager of the Texas Rangers. This year, he led them to the 2023 ALCS. As of September 11, his record in the playoffs stands at 49 wins and 33 losses.

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Before his role with the Rangers, Bochy managed two National League teams: the Padres and the Giants. He’s fifth in postseason wins and could increase that number in the upcoming ALCS games.

In his career, Bochy has taken his teams to the playoffs nine times. His teams have secured six division titles, clinched four pennants, achieved a Wild Card Series win, and lifted the World Series trophy three times. Since 1969, only seven MLB managers, including Bochy, have won four pennants.

In Major League Baseball’s history, Bochy’s nine playoff entries place him in the ninth spot. His overall management record is 2,093 wins against 2,101 losses. This accomplishment places him in a select group, as only twelve MLB managers have reached 2,000 wins.

6. Dave Roberts – 45

Dave Roberts is the Dodgers’ manager since 2016. Every year he’s been with them, they’ve made it to the postseason, and he holds a win-loss record of 45-39.

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Impressively, Dave stands out as one of the rare individuals to clinch a World Series title both as a player and a manager. Among those who’ve managed at least 40 postseason games, he’s fifth in terms of win percentage.

Before becoming a manager, Dave was an MLB player. He played as an outfielder for several teams, including the Dodgers, Padres, Red Sox, Giants, and Guardians.

Across his decade-long playing career, he achieved a batting average of .266, secured 213 RBIs, stole 243 bases, and hit 23 home runs.

Post his playing days, Dave transitioned into coaching. In 2011, he started as a first-base coach for the Padres. By 2015, he was elevated to the position of manager.

However, after just a year in this role at San Diego, the Dodgers brought him onboard, and he’s been their manager since.

7. Terry Francona – 44

Francona is celebrated for breaking the Red Sox’s 86-year wait for a championship. His managerial span was 23 years, boasting a postseason record of 44 wins and 34 losses.

Before becoming a manager, Francona was a baseball player. Over a decade, he played for five major league teams.

During his playing career, he participated in 707 games, achieving 163 runs, 143 RBIs, and 16 home runs, with a batting average of .274.

His journey as a manager started with the Phillies in 1997. After four years in Philadelphia, the Red Sox brought him on board.

Under his leadership, Boston won the World Series in 2004, their first since 1918, and clinched another in 2007.

In 2013, Francona shifted to the Guardians, where he stayed until 2023. With him at the helm, the team reached the playoffs six times.

Notably, in 2016, they clinched the pennant. Over his career, he secured three AL Manager of the Year titles and accumulated a record of 1,950 wins against 1,672 losses.

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8. Jim Leyland – 44

Leyland used to play and manage in the minor leagues. He managed Major League Baseball (MLB) teams for twenty-two seasons, achieving 44 wins out of 84 games in the playoffs.

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In 1972, he began managing in the minor league for the Detroit Tigers. By 1982, he became the third-base coach for the White Sox, marking his entry into the majors.

The Pirates gave Jim his first chance to manage an MLB team in 1986. He spent eleven years with them. Later, he joined the Marlins and, in his debut year, clinched the Fall Classic.

Throughout his career, Leyland secured one World Series title in 1997 and had an overall record of 1,769 wins to 1,728 losses. He also received the Manager of the Year award three times. This solidified his reputation as one of top MLB managers.

9. Casey Stengel – 37

Stengel had quite the journey in Major League Baseball (MLB). Starting as a player, he played for seven different teams over fourteen years.

With the Giants, he won two Fall Classic tournaments. By the end of 1925, he decided to retire from playing. However, his passion for the game brought him back in 1932. This time, he served as a first base coach for the Dodgers.

After coaching for two years, he was given the responsibility of a manager in 1934. His most memorable years were with the Yankees.

Under his leadership, the team clinched seven World Series titles. Remarkably, they won five of those consecutively between 1949 and 1953.

Both the Yankees and the Mets held him in such high regard that they retired his jersey. This was their way of thanking him for his dedication and contribution as a manager.

When he finally stepped away from the game, Stengel had managed 3,747 games, with 1,905 wins and 1,842 losses during the regular seasons.

10. Sparky Anderson – 34

Anderson played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for a total of 28 seasons. Out of these, he played one season as an athlete, served as a coach for another season, and managed teams for the remaining years.

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In 1959, Anderson began his journey in the MLB with the Phillies. During that year, he achieved a batting average of .218, recorded 34 RBIs but didn’t hit any home runs in 152 games. This was his only season as a player.

In 1969, he made a comeback, but this time, as the third-base coach for the San Diego Padres. The next year, the Cincinnati Reds offered him a managerial position. Anderson then led the Reds for nine years, winning two World Series titles with them.

Later, he joined the Detroit Tigers, where he spent 17 years. Under his leadership, the Tigers clinched a World Series victory in 1984. Furthermore, Anderson was recognized as the American League’s Manager of the Year twice while with the Tigers. He finished his managing career with a notable record of 2,194 wins to 1,834 losses.

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