10 Best Baseball Glove Oil And Conditioner To Use in 2023

Good baseball gloves need proper care. Two top picks for glove conditioners are Sarna Glove Leather Conditioner and Nokona NLT Classic Leather. There are also various oils you can apply.

Without proper care, a new baseball glove’s leather can dry out fast. It’s crucial for a player, especially a pitcher, to keep their glove smooth and free of cracks.

Many players apply lotions to their gloves. This keeps them from getting damaged. But, picking the right lotion can be tricky.

The best lotions protect your glove and make it look great. But a low-quality one might harm your glove. Using a good lotion also helps the glove last longer, keeps it flexible, and helps with breaking it in. So, choosing the right lotion is key.

Top 5 Baseball Glove Conditioner

Good glove care is essential for baseball enthusiasts. Two top contenders in the glove conditioner market are Wilson Pro Stock and Hot Glove Cream. Remember, there’s a wide variety of products out there.

Choosing the right baseball glove oil or conditioner is crucial. A wrong pick might damage your glove. Different players have their favorites depending on the need – be it for breaking in a new mitt or preserving an old one.

Below are five highly recommended glove conditioners for your consideration:

  1. Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

Wilson’s conditioner is a top choice for your gauntlet. If your gloves feel stiff, this is your solution. It doesn’t just moisturize but also aids in breaking them in.

Baseball Glove
Wilson is the best product to use when breaking in new leather equipment.( Source : pinterest )

Proudly made in the USA, this product is a breeze to use. It’s both safe and works like a charm.  Good stuff like lanolin and vitamin E. These ingredients keep your mitts in prime condition and give them a softer touch.

You won’t find any harmful or flammable stuff in this lotion, unlike some others out there. One thing to note: it may darken your glove’s leather slightly.

 Wilson’s conditioner won’t weigh your gloves down. And if you’re caught in the rain? The water-resistant feature has got you covered. Keep your gloves in tip-top shape with Wilson.

  1. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner
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The Hot Glove is your go-to for taking care of baseball mitts. Think of it less for breaking in and more for keeping them in top shape.

If you want to keep your glove safe and looking good then just like its predecessor, the lotion is safe and won’t catch fire.

Baseball Glove
Protect your gauntlet from stiffness and dryness with Hot Glove.( Source : pinterest )

It gives your glove a slight grip, making catching balls a breeze. Plus, no more dry and rigid gloves!

 It cleans, softens, and keeps the color of your glove popping. And don’t worry about it getting sticky or letting in water – it’s got you covered.

Remember, a cared-for glove means a better game!

  1. Sarna Glove Leather Conditioner

Taking care of gloves can be tough and time-consuming.

Thanks to the Sarna Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner, crafted by college and pro athletes, the task is now simpler.

Baseball Glove
Sarna is a product developed by former professional athletes.( Source : pinterest )

This cream doesn’t just keep gloves looking great but also extends their life. Made from top-notch ingredients, it ensures gloves don’t get too dark. Since experienced players made it, it tackles common glove issues head-on.

Whether it’s a regular glove or a catcher’s mitt, Sarna is your go-to. It not only renews but also softens your gloves, ensuring they last longer. Your gear deserves the best care, and Sarna delivers just that.

  1. Nokona NLT Classic Leather

For over 50 years, MLB players have trusted Nokona products. Its conditioner works wonders in softening and taking care of baseball mitts.

Baseball Glove
Nokona has been regarded one of the top product in the market for the past fifty years.( Source : amazon )

This lotion is great for breaking it in. It also cleans and preserves the leather beautifully. The best part? You only need a little to see lasting results.

This isn’t just for new gloves. It helps keep the shape of your mitt perfect. And unlike some oils, it won’t drench your glove.

If you are worried about using it with your hands, don’t be, It’s safe and non-toxic. But remember, it only comes in small sizes – each pack is just 100 grams.

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What about the smell? Nokona doesn’t have a heavy fragrance. Instead, it highlights the glove’s own natural scent. Just note, it might tint the glove a bit.

  1. Rawlings Glovolium Glove Rub

Rawling is a leading name in baseball gear. They offer various items, like the Gold Butter Conditioner, Glovolium Glove Oil, and Glovolium Glove Rub.

Baseball Glove
Rawlings offers a wide range of products from high-end lubricants to standard oils.( Source : pinterest )

The Gold Butter is special. It’s a lotion made just for high-end, costly baseball gloves.

On the other hand, the Glove Rub is for everyday gloves. It freshens up old gloves and makes them feel like new.

This lotion keeps gloves soft without making them too soggy. And the best part? It doesn’t change their color.

Best Baseball Glove Oil

For those passionate about baseball, Obenauf’s Leather Oil is the top choice for glove care. While it might pinch your pocket a bit, the results are truly unparalleled.

Have an old leather baseball glove? This oil will bring it back to life. Made from natural ingredients like beeswax and propolis, it’s not just for gloves but any leather items.

Made in the USA, it comes with a handy applicator, though some may find it a tad cumbersome.

Baseball Glove
Obenauf’s Leather Oil helps to prevent cracking and drying of the leather’s surface.( Source : pinterest )

Here’s the best part: not only does it rejuvenate old gloves, but it also protects new ones without leaving any smell. Plus, it moisturizes and waterproofs, keeping your glove in top condition.

The formula ensures the leather remains soft and crack-free. One thing to note, though: it might darken your glove’s color a bit. But if you want the best care for your glove, this is it.

This oil has several characteristics:

  • It’s crafted from pure, natural components.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Ensures a scent-free experience post-application.
  • Protects gloves from water and combats dryness.
  • Maintains a supple and pliant glove texture.

Substitutes For Baseball Glove Oil

Looking for an alternative to pricey baseball glove oils? You’re not alone. Many opt for common household items like Vaseline or shaving cream to keep their mitts in top shape.

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Affordable options like Lanolin oil and Mint oil can also be used to soften your glove.

Here’s a quick rundown of some effective glove oil substitutes:

  • Lanolin Oil

Lanolin oil is a top choice for many glove oils and creams. This natural substance helps keep leather soft and durable.

Baseball Glove
Lanonin Oil is a great alternative to use for softening a leather equipment.( Source : pinterest )

Sourced from sheep, it has a waxy feel. What’s great is that it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain any added chemicals.

  • Neatsfoot Oil

Neatsfoot oil comes from cattle shin bones. It’s great for keeping a mitt’s leather soft and in good shape. But remember, only use pure neatsfoot oil.

The prime version has additives that might harm your glove. Stick to the pure stuff.

  • Mink Oil

Mink oil comes from the fatty layer beneath a mink’s skin, much like neatsfoot oil.

Baseball Glove
Mink oil is obtained from the layer of fat located below the skin of minks.( Source : pinterest )

It’s great for giving leather items, like baseball gloves, a moisture boost. Yet, it doesn’t last as long as some other options. Keep that in mind when considering it.

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil is often a kitchen staple for cooking. Interestingly, it can also be applied to your baseball glove to keep the leather supple. However, be cautious, as it might darken the leather and make it a bit slick.

  • Shaving Cream

Shaving cream does to your baseball glove what it does to your skin – it softens it. However, always choose a shaving cream without alcohol or chemicals. Using one with additives can harm your glove

  • Vaseline

Many homes have a jar of Vaseline. This simple product contains minerals that nourish and moisturize the skin of our hands, as well as the leather of baseball gloves.

When using Vaseline, take it slow. It’s easy to apply too much, which might weigh down your gloves. The best approach is put a small amount on a clean cloth and gently work it into the leather. Remember, less is more.

Some FAQs

How do you soften a fresh baseball glove?

Ideally, use the glove to play catch often. It’s the simplest method to get it game-ready.

How to Freshen Up Your Baseball Glove?

Brush away any loose dirt with a soft cloth. Next, spread a bit of shaving cream or leather conditioner over the glove. Finish by removing any extra cream. Now, your glove feels refreshed and is set to go!

How to Condition Your Baseball Glove?

 Begin with placing some oil on a fresh cloth. Gently massage the glove starting from its palm. Ensure you cover the entire glove using round motions. After you’ve removed any extra oil, allow the glove to air dry.

Is it okay to apply vegetable oil to a baseball glove?

Certainly, vegetable oil can be used to soften the glove’s leather. But remember, overdoing it might add weight to the glove. Use sparingly.


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