Best Seats For A Baseball Game To Watch 2023

The best seats for a baseball game are usually those behind home plate. These provide spectators with a close and personal view of the action. A number of fans, on the other hand, like to settle in behind the home team’s dugout.

Experiencing an MLB game at the ballpark on a sunny day, with sliders and a chilled beer in hand, has a charm of its own. But, deciding where to sit when purchasing a ticket can sometimes be overwhelming.

Best Seat For A Baseball
Wrigley Field (Left) and Oracle Park (Right), two of the most iconic ballparks in MLB history.( Source : Instagram )

Every seat has its advantages and disadvantages. Some offer a superior view of the game, others provide a beautiful sight of the ballpark’s surroundings, while some give you a chance to catch a foul ball or even a home run.

The ideal seat in the ballpark comes down to personal taste. It’s a crucial decision that can make or break your enjoyment of the game.

Remember, factors like the time of the game and the prevailing weather conditions can also influence your seat selection.

Best Seating Positions For A Baseball Game Stadium

If you’re aiming to have the best baseball experience, consider the spots right behind home plate and the team’s dugout. They’re truly the cream of the crop when it comes to watching the game.

Here’s a bit more about these prime locations:

  1. Behind home plate

Right behind home plate, you’ll find the most prized seats. They give you the finest view of the game, bar none.

Best Seat For A Baseball
A seat directly behind the home plate provides the best view of the action.( Source : Instagram )

Commonly known as scout seats, these seats are a hot favorite for baseball games keen on assessing player performances. They offer a complete and unobstructed view of the game, as well as the scoreboard.

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Beyond the view, these seats have some fantastic perks. Expect comfy padded seating, plenty of legroom, and access to exclusive clubs.

Sure, there’s a net there for safety – to keep those foul balls at bay. But everything else about these seats more than makes up for it. And due to their popularity, they’re not easy to snag and tend to be on the pricey side.

  1. Beyond the Players’ Bench

The area beyond the players’ bench is an ideal spot if you are keen to see your favorite stars up close and possibly snag a stray ball. This seating section, situated directly behind the players’ benches, offers a splendid perspective of the action.

You get to observe your preferred players, both while they’re playing and during their downtime. You never know, a lucky day might also bring some mementos from the players themselves.

Moreover, those seated here have an excellent vantage point to witness the pitcher’s duel with the batter. However, keep your eyes open for foul balls that could suddenly come flying your way.

When it comes to picking a bench, you have two options: the bench of the home team or that of the visiting team. Most people find the home team bench to be the more favorable choice.

  1. Outfield Area

While it’s a little distant from the main action, the outfield area is quite exciting. Here, spectators have the chance to catch home run balls hit by players.

Take Wrigley Field’s Bleachers or Oracle Park’s Arcade as examples. These famous outfield seating zones allow for catching balls, especially during the players’ batting practice if you arrive early enough.

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The lower level offers close views of the bullpens and outfielders. But remember, the higher you go, the more distant the on-field action gets.

One thing to note is the need to turn completely to check the scoreboard.

  1. Beside First Base or Third Base

Another crowd-favorite place to view the game is either next to the first or third base. From here, you get a balanced view of both the infield and the outfield.

Moreover, this area of the field improves your chances of catching foul balls. So, bringing a baseball glove could prove useful. Seats on the ballpark’s right side are next to the first base, while the ones on the left are next to the third base.

The first-base adjacent seats offer a wonderful vantage point to see the first baseman, pitcher, and catcher in action. Conversely, the seats near the third base allow spectators to enjoy unobstructed views of the left and center field, as well as the third baseman.

  1. Viewing from Above

When you sit in the top-tier, the sight you get is simply unbeatable. You get to soak in the panoramic view without the fuss of the crowd.

Best Seat For A Baseball
The upper level seats at the Yankees Stadium provides a fantastic view of the game infront.( Source : Instagram )

A full vista of the playing field, the surrounding area, and even the scoreboard is possible from these heights. Particularly at Oracle Park, one of the time-honored MLB stadiums, the views from the top are genuinely spectacular.

For those who prefer peace and less crowd, these sections make an ideal choice. Though you might feel a tad distant from the live action down on the field.

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Pricing for the Seats Behind Home Plate

Wondering about the cost of sitting right behind the home plate? It’s the priciest, ranging from $85 to well over $200.

A seat in this area at the Braves’ home, as per their official MLB website, will set you back $158. The cost, of course, fluctuates based on various factors such as the particular stadium, the intensity of the game (regular or playoff), the opposing team, and more.

Interestingly, the Boston Red Sox lays claim to the most expensive spot behind the home plate, charging a staggering $460 for the much-desired position.

On the brighter side, most of these tickets come with an all-inclusive experience, including in-seat wait service. Since prices vary, you can always confirm the current ticket rates on Vivid seats.

How Much Are The Seats Behind Home Plate For The World Series?

Tickets for the World Series, baseball’s grand finale, don’t come cheap. Last time around, the cheapest tickets were setting fans back a hefty $400.

Best Seat For A Baseball
The Phillies, 2022 NL Champions, call Citizens Bank Park their home ground.( Source : Instagram )

Now, let’s talk about Game 1 of the 2022 World Series. The priciest ticket, right behind home plate in Diamond Club B, cost a whopping $7,718.

Things were even steeper at Citizens Bank Park for Games 3 and 4. Regular seats started at $636, and the premium spots behind home plate? Those ranged between $6,000 to a staggering $11,000 per ticket.

Overall, the average ticket price during the last World Series was $3,228. That’s only second to the record-breaking 2016 World Series. Simply put, these prices sure do reflect the enormity of the event!

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