Best Wiffle Ball Pitches To Use 2023

In 2023, the top Wiffle Ball pitches include the Riser, Slider, Curveball, Knuckle Drop, Screwball, Sinker, and Cutter.

Wiffle ball is like a mini version of baseball. You can play it both inside and outside. The man who created it, David Mullany, made a ball with holes. This made the ball move in special ways when thrown, especially by his son.

Because of the holes and its empty inside, the ball makes a “whiff” sound when it’s thrown. That’s how it got its name. Both kids and grown-ups enjoy this lighter version of baseball.

By 1953, Wiffle Ball was known as a game similar to baseball. It’s played on a triangle-shaped field. The scoring depends on where you play.

Though many think of it as a kids’ game, there’s a serious side too. There’s been a World Wiffle Ball Championship since 1980. Here, players of all ages compete in this game, treating it as a big-time sport.

Best Wiffle Ball Pitches MLW 2023

Wiffle Ball enthusiasts love unique pitches like the Banana Curveball, Rising Screwball, and Sliders. These pitches stand out in the Major League Wiffle (MLW) because of how unpredictable they are.

Wiffle Ball
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The MLW comprises eight teams, each having five players. Every year, they have a round-robin tournament in Brighton, Michigan.

Here’s a list of different pitches used by Wiffle Ball players:

  • Sliders
  • Screwballs
  • Curveballs
  • Sinkers
  • Drops
  • Risers
  • Cutters
  • Knuckle Curves
  • Change-ups
  • Fastballs

Alternative Styles:

  • Breaking Balls
  • Sluckerballs
  • The Crack Balls
  • The Sweeper Balls
  • Big Freeze Balls
  • Palm Balls
  • Mega Un-hittable Balls
  • Psycho Balls


In wiffleball games, the slider is a popular pitch. Here’s how to throw it:

For right-handed players, hold the ball with your index finger, middle finger, and thumb, forming a ‘C’ shape. Make sure the holes of the ball face right. Left-handed players should have the holes facing left.

Do not cover the holes when holding the ball. Throw it straight without tilting it. This method is widely used for pitching in wiffleball.


The screwball is a type of pitch in baseball. Unlike curveballs or sliders, it moves in the opposite direction. To throw a screwball, you hold the ball differently than other pitches.

If you’re right-handed or left-handed, you position the ball’s holes on opposite sides. Hold the ball using your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, forming a ‘C’ shape.

Make sure you don’t cover any holes when holding the ball. When you throw, let the ball slide off your fingers. This gives it the right spin. Always throw it away from the batter to make the ball move as intended.

Wiffle Ball
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Curveballs in Wiffleball have a distinct motion compared to other pitches due to their unique spin. To throw one, position the ball with the holes facing downwards.

Hold the ball using your index and middle fingers, ensuring they cover three of the holes. As you throw, use a wrist flick. This action will spin the ball from its bottom, giving it the desired curve.

For both right and left-handed players, adjusting the curve direction is possible by orienting the holes to the right or left.


The sinker is a kind of fastball that moves downwards or to the arm side, often causing the batter to hit ground balls. It’s a bit like a riser, but with the ball’s holes pointing up.

To throw a sinker, you grip the side of the ball. Use your thumb, index, and middle fingers, forming a ‘C’ shape around one side of the ball.

Your hand should be level with the ground, and the holes in the Wiffle ball should face up. Your ring finger and pinky grip near the center of these holes, just as you would with a riser. To get the right sinking motion, release the ball with a quick wrist snap.


Pitching styles that drop are designed to trick batters and get a strike. These styles include sliders, sinkers, and screwballs that have been adjusted to drop as they approach.

How you throw the ball varies. The position of the middle or pointer finger is crucial when throwing. Whether you throw from the side, flip it, or give a direct toss influences the ball’s drop as it comes close to the batters.

Wiffle Ball
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Fastball pitches that rise higher due to extra spin are called risers. These pitches can be tricky for batters because they often miss their mark.

To grip the ball for a riser, use your thumb, index, and middle fingers to form a ‘C’ shape, similar to how you’d hold a slider. Your hands should tilt slightly, lining up with the ground.

Place your ring and pinky fingers around the small central circle of the ball’s top holes. To throw, use a sidearm motion starting from a low position. Just before letting the ball go, give your wrist a sharp twist to add spin, making the ball rise more.

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Cutters are a kind of fastball that’s somewhat like sliders. As they move, they take a turn towards the sides. If a right-handed person throws it, the ball will move to the left, and if a left-handed person throws it, it’ll go to the right.

To throw a cutter, the ball is held with fingers spaced apart a bit, similar to how one holds a splitter. This gives the ball its slicing movement. Some cutters are adjusted during a regular fastball throw to shift its direction in the air.

There’s also another way to throw a cutter. You place your index finger in the center and adjust the ball’s holes to either the right or left, depending on which hand you aren’t using. Then, put the thumb over the holes and throw the ball with a tilted arm motion.

Knuckle Ball

The knuckleball is a special way of throwing a baseball that’s quite unique and challenging to master. To throw it, you grip the ball firmly using either your knuckles or the tips of your fingers.

For the wiffle ball, start with a regular grip. Then, bend your index and middle fingers against the ball.

Lift your two middle fingers up while holding the ball firmly with the ends of your fingernails. Using your knuckles this way helps put extra spin on the ball when you let it go.

Fastballs And Other Pithces

Fastballs are standard quick throws that need the right posture, speed, and accuracy. Besides these, there are other pitch methods, like Sliders and Curves.

Sluckerballs act like risers, and Breaking balls are close to Sliders and Screwballs. Similarly, many modern techniques are tailored by players to surprise batters and achieve strikes.

Change-Up Balls

The Change-Up is a type of pitch used in baseball to vary the speed of the ball, making it harder for batters to predict its path and pace.

This often results in a strike because batters are caught off guard by its unpredictable speed.

To execute this pitch, ensure that the side with holes faces your hand. Hold the ball lightly for a straightforward change-up. However, for a different variation, hold the ball firmly with the holes facing your palm, using only your index and middle fingers.

Fastest Wiffle Ball Pitch Ever

The fastest wiffle ball pitches, according to unofficial sources, fall between 97 MPH and 115 MPH. Wiffle ball rules set the maximum pitch speed at 40 MPH.

Wiffle Ball
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Pitches exceeding this speed are considered illegal and are marked as balls in official games. Yet, many fans showcase their high-speed wiffle ball pitches on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok, with some even reaching over 90 MPH.

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Interestingly, these unofficial speeds are similar to professional baseball speeds, with the MLB’s top record being 108.1 MPH. Wiffle balls, being lighter with aerodynamic holes, can achieve these impressive speeds.

How Do You Throw A Knuckleball With Wiffle Ball?

The knuckleball is a method of pitching in which the ball is held using the bent middle fingers. This grip allows the ball to spin more upon release.

Steps to Pitch a Knuckleball with a Wiffle Ball:

  1. Grasp the ball firmly, ensuring the holes are covered by your palm.
  2. Place your index and middle fingers on the ball’s surface, slightly bent.
  3. Strengthen your grip using the tips or knuckles of your bent fingers.
  4. Make sure not to press so firmly that the holes get obstructed.
  5. Your pinky and ring fingers should not touch the ball. Let them stay relaxed.
  6. When releasing the ball, push with your bent fingers to impart spin.

How Do You Throw A Riser With Wiffle Ball?

A riser refers to a pitching technique where the ball ascends as it approaches the batter. This method is employed to confuse the batter, making it challenging for them to hit the ball.

To pitch a Riser using a Wiffle Ball:

  1. Hold the ball in a C shape using your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.
  2. Ensure your fingers are positioned so that the ball is horizontal and parallel to the ground.
  3. While holding the ball, keep the holed side to one side. Position your pinky in the center of this holed area.
  4. Use a sidearm motion to pitch the ball, starting from a lower position.
  5. Just before releasing, snap your wrists. This action will add spin, making the ball rise more.

How Do You Throw A Nasty Wiffle Ball Pitches?

In Wiffle Ball, players modify traditional pitches like sliders, curveballs, and screwballs to make them more unpredictable.

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These modified pitches are termed “nasty” due to their distinct variation from standard ones. These pitches are slower and aim to perplex the batter.

To achieve this effect, the player must face the ball’s holes toward the batter. When releasing the ball, it’s important to twist the wrists and let the fingers spin the ball upon release.

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