Why does Base Runner Wear Black Gloves In Major League Baseball?

Black Glove
During his training, a baseball player wore black gloves in hitting session. ( Source: Instagram )

Baseball runners often wear a black glove known as a Sliding Mitt. This special glove, sometimes referred to as an Oven Mitt, is designed to safeguard players’ hands, especially when they dive headfirst into bases.

It ensures that the heat from the ball doesn’t harm the hand and also offers protection against cleats and other possible injuries.

This mitt resembles the gloves used in the kitchen but serves a distinct purpose on the baseball field. The base runner wear black gloves In Major League Baseball usually these days.

Baseball has a rich history in America, dating back to the mid-19th century. Over time, as the game has evolved, players have been introduced to better and more efficient equipment, including this black glove.

Crafted from sturdy materials like leather, it grants players enhanced flexibility and movement while running.

These mitts became popular in the early 1990s and are now a staple for MLB players, not just when running bases but also during their batting practice.

Beyond covering and safeguarding the hand, they also lend additional support to the wrists.

What type of oven mitt do baseball players wear?

Baseball players often wear a special glove known as an oven mitt. This glove is popular among most MLB players because it helps protect against wrist injuries. Some people refer to it as a sliding mitt.

One unique feature of this mitt is that it can be worn on both hands, making it versatile. Historically, Fredrick J. Holyoke introduced the first oven mitt in the late 1700s.

This sports equipment combines two protective pieces to ensure players are safe, especially when they slide to a base. Made with a premium appearance, the mitt is also equipped with an elastic strap to ensure it stays in place.

During the game, a catcher can be seen wearing a sliding mitt. ( Source: Instagram )

This feature helps prevent wrist injuries. Because of this, injuries during games are rare, as the mitt provides a safeguard.

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The mitt offers protection against potential injuries and provides players with a firm grip, ensuring they can handle the ball even under intense heat.

Since the 1990s, these mitts have been a staple for baseball players during their practice sessions. They’re essential during batting practice, offering protection from the ball’s force.

These gloves have also become a fashion statement in the baseball world. Although it’s still a relatively new trend, and only a few players can be seen wearing them, it’s predicted that in the near future, a majority of players will adopt them for their added safety benefits.

Wearing a sliding mitt is not just about protection; it’s also about being ahead in adopting new trends and setting a standard in the baseball game.

Do you know why the baseball players are wearing mittens?

Baseball players often wear mittens to protect their hands. These mittens offer a cushion, especially when catching balls, reducing the risk of injuries.

oven mitts
A high-quality Japanese Kazuma glove designed for infielders and pitchers. ( Source: Instagram )

Here’s why baseball players appreciate these mittens:

  • They shield the hands, including thumbs, fingers, and wrists. This is especially important since running bases is one of the riskier parts of the game.
  • Many MLB players have metal spikes on their shoes. These can hurt baserunners if they step on their hands. Mittens help avoid such injuries.
  • Some mittens come with metal rods. These rods offer added protection to a player’s palm when they slide headfirst into a base.
  • Playing baseball in cold weather can be challenging. Mittens provide warmth, ensuring that players’ hands remain comfortable even in the chilliest conditions.

Is it possible to wash oven mitts?

Oven mitts need regular cleaning to ensure they last longer and function properly. Here’s how you can properly care for them:

baseball gloves
On Gloves Day, Jarred Kelenic can be seen wearing his baseball gloves. ( Source: Instagram )

Always check the cleaning instructions that come with your mitts. Some may require hand washing, while others may advise against machine washing.

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Dirt and stains can accumulate on oven mitts, especially if they’re left lying around the kitchen or used during games where they might get in contact with the ground. A good wash not only removes this dirt but also prolongs the mitt’s lifespan.

Before cleaning, always look for any special directions provided on the mitts’ tags or packaging. This will guide you on the best way to wash them without causing damage.

To wash your oven mitts effectively:

  1. First, examine any labels or tags inside the mitts. They often have cleaning guidelines or special instructions to consider.
  2. If your mitts have stains, especially those made of silicon, treat them first. Apply a suitable detergent or stain remover as per the guidelines from the manufacturer.
  3. Lastly, wash your mitts as recommended in their instructions. Once washed, ensure you give them ample time to dry fully before using them again.

Proper cleaning not only ensures the longevity of your oven mitts but also maintains their functionality and appearance. Always remember to read and follow the care instructions that come with them.

Customize EvoShield Sliding Mitt

EvoShield Sliding Mitt is a protective gear with two layers and a stretchy strap. EvoShield, the company behind it, started in 2005. They are known for creating fresh and innovative sports products that fit modern needs.

protective gear
@baseballexpresstx have restocked their sliding mitts with evo shields for sale, now available in various colors. ( Source : Instagram )

Their latest mitt is designed to shield baseball players while they run and steal bases. With protective strips on both sides of the wrist, it ensures the hand’s underside remains safe during intense slides in a game.

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Players can quickly put on or take off the mitt, and it keeps the thumb protected too. This gear not only safeguards the athletes but also boosts their confidence with its trendy design.

You can find this EvoShield mitt on Amazon, a massive online store. It’s a light gear, weighing just 0.18 kilograms. Plus, it’s versatile – players can customize it for either their right or left hand.

While there are other high-quality mitts out there, Bruce Bolt’s mitt stands out. It’s crafted to give the best grip, so players don’t slip when sliding to a base. Made of top-grade neoprene and Cabretta leather, it’s built to last.

The glove also has special pads for extra protection, ensuring players avoid injuries. And its unique 3D bolt symbol, combined with sturdy stitching in key areas, makes Bruce Bolt’s mitt a favourite among many.

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