Little League Pitch Count Rules Playoffs 2023

Little League pitch count rules playoffs specify that a player must take a three-day break if they pitch between 51 and 65 pitches in a day. These rules vary for different age groups.

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Pitch Count
Little League Pitch Count Rules Playoffs.( Source : instagram )

The term ‘pitch count’ refers to the recorded number of pitches thrown by a pitcher in a single game. This is especially important for monitoring the health of young and previously injured pitchers.

Little League has created specific pitch count rules for young players to minimize the risk of injuries. According to these rules, a pitcher must be substituted at the end of half an inning.

Additionally, the league has set different pitch limits for various age groups during a match. For example, players aged 7-8 are allowed to throw up to 50 pitches each day.

LLWS Pitch Count Rules

In Little League baseball, the maximum number of pitches allowed depends on the player’s age. For instance, those aged 13-16 are permitted to throw up to 95 pitches.

The ability of a player to pitch in Little League is determined by the number of pitches made during a match.

LLWS Pitch Count Rules.( Source : Instagram )

This count also influences the mandatory rest days for a pitcher, which are calculated based on the total pitches thrown.

To ensure the well-being of the players, Little League has established specific pitching rules that take into account the physical health of the pitchers.

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Here are the Key details about the regulations:

  1. Every player is eligible to pitch in a match, except for the one who has served as a catcher for four or more innings.
  2. For those aged 15-16, a pitcher who has thrown 21 or more pitches cannot play as a catcher on the same day.
  3. Each team must designate one individual as the official counter of pitches.
  4. The team manager must submit the final pitch counts along with the final score to the officials and the Chief Umpire.
  5. It is the manager’s duty to monitor the pitch count of his player and determine the necessary rest period.
  6. The Board of Directors or District can impose extra limitations on pitching during the interleague and regular seasons.

The text specifies that even after a pitcher reaches their maximum limit, they are allowed to keep pitching until the batter gets to base, is out, or the half innings ends with a third out.

Once a pitcher is taken off the mound, they are not permitted to return as a pitcher in that game.

Additionally, it is the manager’s responsibility to take the pitcher out of the game once they are notified that the pitcher has reached their limit. However, the pitcher can participate in the next match, depending on the rules for different age categories.

LLWS Pitch Count Rest Days

The regulations of the Little League pitch count mandate varying days of rest, based on the quantity of pitches thrown during a match.

This regulation ensures pitchers have adequate rest days to balance both their gameplay and recuperation. Although specific rest days are stipulated, there are occasional deviations that pitchers may observe, dictated by the game’s circumstances.

The number of pitches is divided based on the various age categories for the junior throwers.( Source :pxhere)

These deviations encompass instances like the batter reaching a base, a batter’s retirement, or the completion of half an inning with the third out.

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Within the league, all pitchers who are younger than 14 years old are obliged to adhere to all the other mandatory rules mentioned below:

  • 0- 20 pitches, no rest days.
  • 21- 35 pitches, 1 day of rest.
  • 36 – 50 pitches, 2-days of rest.
  • 51 to 65 pitches, 3-day of rest.
  • 66 or more pitches, 4-day of rest.

Likewise, for the 15-16 age category, the pitchers must adhere to these specific guidelines:

  • 0- 30 pitches, no rest days.
  • 31- 45 pitches, 1 day of rest.
  • 46 – 60 pitches, 2-days of rest.
  • 61 to 75 pitches, 3-day of rest.
  • 76 or more pitches, 4-day of rest.

LLWS Pitch Count By Age

In Little League, the allowed pitch counts are 95 for ages 13-16 and 75 for ages 9-10. These limits differ based on the age categories.

The tournaments organized by the league are divided into various age categories such as Tea-ball, Minor league, and Little League Major division.

Pitch Count
Reviewing the number of pitches thrown in the little league.( Source : Instagram )

Children from four to 18 years are split into different age categories by the league authorities.

The age categories in the Little League include:

  • 6-8 Years Old
  • 9-10 Years Old
  • 11-12 Years Old
  • 13-16 Years Old

It is mandatory that players are not permitted to pitch on three consecutive regular days under any situation.

Players in minor, major, and intermediate divisions are not permitted to pitch more than once a day.

  1. Age 6-8:

These players are typically part of the little league’s minor division. The Little League dictates that pitchers in this age group should not exceed 50 pitches daily. If a player between the ages of six and eight manages to throw all 50 pitches, they must then take a two-day break.

  1. Age 9-10:
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A distinct division is designated for this age bracket by the Little League. Pitchers in this category are allowed a daily maximum of 75 pitches. This division ranks above the minor league but below the major league. Players who reach the 75-pitch limit must then take a four-day break before participating in the next match.

  1. Age 11-12:

This category is part of the major league division of the Little League. Players in this age group are permitted to throw up to 85 pitches each day. The same rest period applies to all age groups up to 14 years, with a maximum of four rest days.

  1. Age 13-16:

In this age group, players can throw up to 95 pitches daily, which is the highest limit for players under 18. For players 14 years and under, the pitch count and rest days remain the same.

During a minor league match on April 2, 2023, there was a pitching segment.( Source : instagram )

However, for those over 14, there are no rest days required if only 1-30 pitches are thrown in a day.

If a player throws more than 30 pitches in the first game, they cannot pitch in a second game on the same day unless certain exceptions apply.

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