Little League World Series Batting Order Rules

The Little League World Series Batting Order Rules require each player to maintain their designated spot in the batting lineup, in accordance with the continuous batting order policy.

Headquartered in Williamsport, PA, the Little League organization is devoted to the development and enhancement of skills of young players, frequently organizing numerous tournaments for children throughout the year.

Batting Order
Jaxson McMullin from Nevada LL took a swing at the ball during a match against Rhode Island in the 2023 Little League World Series.( Source : instagram )

Currently, the organization is in the midst of hosting the Little League World Series tournament, which commenced on August 16.

In preparation for the tournaments, several rule modifications were made prior to June 2023, including alterations to the continuous batting order, dugout, and courtesy runner regulations.

To guarantee a rewarding and meaningful experience for all Little League players, the organization enforces Mandatory Play Regulations during both the regular season and tournament games.

According to Rule 9 of the 2023 tournament, all teams involved must adhere to the continuous batting order, which includes the starting players of the match.

LLWS Batting Order Rules 2023

The Little League World Series (LLWS) mandates that each player on the participating teams’ roster must take a turn at bat.

Batting Order
Continuous batting order means every player on the team must bat according to their designated batting position. (Source : instagram )

This is due to alterations in the batting sequence, enforced in the Little League to guarantee that every player, irrespective of their position on the field, is included in the batting rotation.

Prior to the commencement of the World Series, modifications were made to this regulation. Both managers and players appear to be in consensus with the newly amended rules.

Essential information about the Continuous Batting Order includes the following:

  • The Continuous Batting Order (CBO) is essential to understand in a game. All players, except those who are injured, should be included in the batting order given to the umpire officials at plate meetings. While absent players can be mentioned in the lineup, they should not be part of the team’s batting order.
  • There is no penalty for overlooking an injured or absent player; they are simply bypassed in the batting order. When a player recovers from an injury, they will be placed back in their original position in the batting order.
  • A minimum of 9 defensive players is required to start or continue a little league game as it is mandatory to have 9 players on the field during defense.
  • It is important for teams to timely inform about any changes in the team if the umpire asks to be kept informed. Some umpires do not monitor player movements on the field or bench.
  • In the CBO, since every player is listed, there is no need for Special pinch runners because all players are included in the batting order.
  • If a batter gets injured while at bat and is unable to complete it, the next player in line in the batting order will take over.
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On 16th August 2023, the Little League World Series saw a match between the teams of Northwest Region and New England Region.

The Northwest team emerged victorious over New England, thanks to their pitcher, Kirchoff.

He effectively prevented all but one of the 14-player lineup of New England from getting a second chance at batting, by allowing only a single hit during the third inning.

Little League World Series Bat Rules

The Little League World Series (LLWS) mandates that bats must adhere to certain specifications to be eligible for use in the tournament.

These specifications require the bat to be a rounded, smooth stick made of wood that complies with the USA Baseball Bat standards.

Batting Order
Little League World Series, it is mandatory for players to use bats that have received certification from USABats standard.( Source : instagram )

These regulations have been officially adopted by the Little League for all of its baseball and softball divisions.

With the commencement of LLWS 2023 on August 16, it is crucial for all participating teams to be knowledgeable about the approved bat standards, specifically the USA Bat standards (USA Bat).

Bats made of materials other than wood or those that are laminated must bear the USA Baseball logo, confirming their compliance with the USA Bat standards.

Additionally, there are particular dimensions that bats must meet to be considered suitable for the tournament.

The maximum allowable diameter for bats across all divisions is 2.625 inches. Moreover, the bat’s length should not exceed 36 inches, and for wooden bats, the minimum diameter should be no less than 15/16 inches.

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The LLWS tournament has outlined specific guidelines for bat regulations that need to be taken into account as stated below:

  • It is not allowed to use the traditional batting donut.
  • Applying pine tar or any other sticky materials on the bat is prohibited at all play levels and will be considered as against the rules.
  • Bats with cracks or sharp edges that do not pass through the Little League bat ring must be removed from the game.
  • For bats marked 2.25 and 2.625, the 2.25-inch bat ring and 2.625-inch bat ring must be used respectively.
  • Bats that are illegal or modified must be removed from the game and may result in a penalty for the respective team.

LLWS Batting Stance

The Little League bat size chart indicates that players in the Little League World Series (LLWS) utilized bats with lengths ranging from 28 to 31 inches and weights from 15 to 22 ounces.

Batting Order
The Bat Digest has a chart that lists the usual sizes of bats.( Source : batdigest )

Outlined below is a guide to the bat sizes used by Little League World Series players between the ages of 9 and 12:

  • For 9-year-olds:
    • Small: 27/15 – 28/16
    • Medium: 29/18 – 30/19
    • Large: 31/20 – 32/21
  • 10 Years Old:
    • Small: 28/17 – 29/18
    • Medium: 30/20 – 31/21
    • Large: 31/21 – 32/22
  • 11 Years Old:
    • Small: 29/19 – 30/20
    • Medium: 30/20 – 31/21
    • Large: 31/21 – 32/22
  • 12 Years Old:
    • Small: 29/19 – 30/20
    • Medium: 30/20 – 31/21
    • Large: 31/21 – 32/22

The Little League World Series (LLWS) is an annual baseball event for children between the ages of 10 and 12.

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It features teams from various regions and countries battling it out to become the World Champions.

Batting stance refers to how a batter positions themselves when swinging the bat. Some batters adopt unique or unconventional stances to strike the ball more effectively.

In the 2022 LLWS, Deivis Ordonez from Venezuela displayed an interesting crouching stance, making him appear very small and close to the ground.

It is believed that his stance was inspired by Major League Baseball (MLB) players like Jose Altuve and Yasiel Puig.

In 2018, another player, Alfred Delia from New Jersey, showcased an unusual aggressive stance, reflecting his zeal and eagerness for the sport.

Alfred, also known as “Big Al”, inspired numerous fans with his lively and energetic approach to the game.

Are USSSA Bats Allowed In LLWS?

Little League has made it clear that only bats adhering to the USA Bats standard are permitted, excluding USSSA Bats.

Batting Order
Composite bats approved by USSSA are permitted for children 13 years old and above but not in Little League.( Source : facebook )

This is due to a notable difference in the performance of the two types of bats. USSSA Bats, known for their high performance or ‘pop’, are deemed as unsafe and hence, are prohibited in Little League.

This decision was predominantly taken as a safety precaution. On the other hand, the USA standard aims to replicate the performance of wooden bats while ensuring the longevity associated with metal bats.

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