Little League World Series Pitcher No Hitter History

The Little League World Series pitcher no hitter includes games by Gavin Weir, Grant Holman, Justin Lee, and several others. To date, there have been 49 individual no-hitters recorded in the LLWS history.

Gavin Weir was the most recent player to achieve a no-hitter in the LLWS on August 25, 2021. Interestingly, the inaugural no-hitter of the LLWS was also pitched on August 25, but in 1948, by Paul Shirey.

Little League World Series
In the Little League World Series (LLWS), a young baseball pitcher can achieve a no-hitter by completing a game without letting the opposing team get a hit.( Source : instagram )

The LLWS is a yearly baseball competition for children aged 10 to 12, traditionally held in August. It was inaugurated in 1947 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The tournament occurs at the Howard J. Lamade Stadium and Volunteer Stadium, both located in the Little League complex in South Williamsport.

The event is part of seven World Series tournaments sponsored by Little League International, hosted in various locations worldwide. There are four age divisions for boys’ baseball and three for girls’ softball.

Over its 76-year history, the tournament has registered a total of 64 no-hitters, which includes 49 individual no-hitters and 15 combined no-hitters.

Little League World Series No Hitter History

The history of no hitters in the Little League World Series (LLWS) includes a total of 64 records from 1948 to 2022, starting from Paul Shirey to David Zarate. Out of these, 49 are single-player records and 15 are combined efforts.

The initial no-hit game was pitched by Shirey against Harrisburg on August 25, 1948, during the second official LLWS. Following him, Jerry Hudson and Billy Martin achieved no hitters on August 24, 1949, and the same date in 1950, respectively.

Little League World Series
Billy Martin, a former Little League player, became a notable pitcher and a coach for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB).( Source : facebook )

Angel Macias recorded the first no-hitter perfect game in 1957 LLWS championship, leading his Monterrey, Mexico team to victory against La Mesa, California.

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In total, there have been seven perfect games in the World Series, with Macias being the only youth player to score one during the LLWS championship.

Other players to achieve this feat include Fred Shapiro, Ching-Hui Huang, Kiyoshi Tsumura, Chao-An Chen, and Jesus Sauceda.

The most recent no-hit complete win was a joint effort by Chase Anderson, Matthew Matthijs, and Carson Hardee of the Greenville, NC team on August 18, 2017.

Chinese Taipei and Japan have impressive records as well, with the former recording seven single and two combined no-hitters, and the latter having six singles and one combined no-hitter in the LLWS history.

Below, the American and International pitchers are categorized based on the year they achieved their records.

Pitcher No Hitter
Gavin Weir recently achieved a remarkable no-hitter and setting four new records in the 2021 Little League Season.( Source : facebook )

The Little League World Series has witnessed several single no-hitter games by talented pitchers from different parts of the world. These are players who did not allow a single hit from the opposing team during the entire game. Below is a compilation of these outstanding players:

American Players:

  1. Gavin Weir, South Dakota, 2021
  2. Eli Jones, Washington D.C., 2021
  3. Justin Lee, Virginia, 2019
  4. Marshall Louque, Louisiana, 2019
  5. Alex Edmondson, South Carolina, 2015
  6. Grant Holman, California, 2013
  7. Will Lucas, Connecticut, 2012
  8. Trey Quinn, Louisiana, 2008
  9. Drew Ellis, Indiana, 2008
  10. Keith Terry Jr., Pennsylvania, 2005
  11. Sean Burroughs, California, 1993 (two times)
  12. Thomas Beyer, New Hampshire, 1993
  13. Jason Marquis, New York, 1991
  14. Aron Garcia, California, 1987
  15. Phillip Olson, Florida, 1986
  16. Todd Coleman, Washington D.C., 1980
  17. Steve O’Neill, New Jersey, 1970
  18. Brian Paluga, Indiana, 1970
  19. Danny Yacarino, New York, 1964
  20. Ted Campbell, California, 1962
  21. Joe Mormello, Pennsylvania, 1960
  22. Billy Martin, Texas, 1950
  23. Jerry Hudson, Pennsylvania, 1949
  24. Paul Shirey, Pennsylvania, 1948

International Players:

  1. Shendrion Martinus, Curacao, 2019
  2. Jesus Sauceda, Mexico, 2008
  3. Ryoya Sato, Japan, 2006
  4. Francisco Chiari, Curacao, 2004
  5. Reinus Roosberg, Curacao, 2002
  6. Yuuji Nakane, Japan, 2002
  7. Yoshinori Satoh, Japan, 2002
  8. Carlos Arauz, Panama, 1993
  9. Alexis Chalas, Dominican Republic, 1992
  10. Chun-Liang Wu, Chinese Taipei, 1986
  11. Chul Jang, Chinese Taipei, 1984
  12. Jose Almonte, Dominican Republic, 1983
  13. Hidetoshi Yoshino, Japan, 1983
  14. Han-Chao Dai, Chinese Taipei, 1979
  15. Chao-An Chen, Chinese Taipei, 1979
  16. Jose Luis Pichardo, Dominican Republic, 1978
  17. Tsung-Hien Tsai, Chinese Taipei, 1977
  18. Daisuke Araki, Japan, 1976
  19. Kiyoshi Tsumura, Japan, 1976
  20. Ching-Hui Huang, Chinese Taipei, 1973 (two times)
  21. Wen-Li Kuo, Chinese Taipei, 1973
  22. Francisco Paz, Nicaragua, 1970
  23. Angel Macias, Mexico, 1957
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Additionally, it’s worth noting that Danny Almonte was too old to play in the Little League World Series for the 10 to 12 age group.

He was 14 years old when he led the Bronx team to a third-place finish in the 2001 LLWS.

Little League World Series No Hitters 2023

In 2023, several Little League players, including Eddie Acosta, Eli Metz, Sheandy Payusan, and Mase Martinez, achieved no hitters. Acosta led Eastlake to victory against Park View on July 5, 2023.

This win was particularly notable as Eastlake and Park View have a long-standing rivalry that goes beyond Little League, extending into college and MLB. Acosta stood out by striking out 13 players, resulting in a no-hitter win and a final score of 6-0.

Pitcher No Hitter
A youthful player from the Westfield Little League team delivered a match-winning pitch during the semi-finals. Source : facebook )

Similarly, Eli Metz of Mountain Top led his team to a 10-run lead victory against Township by striking out 13 players in a no-hit game.

Payusan, another Little League standout, guided the Major Red Sox to victory over the Major Brewers during the Ply Mouth Little League tournament.

Meanwhile, Mase Martinez, a District 65 Little League player, performed exceptionally well on the first day of a tournament. He threw a no-hit game against Village Hill, achieving eight strikeouts and an 18-0 victory.

The following is a summary of players who have achieved ‘no-hit’ games in the Little League in 2023:

  • On July 5, 2023, Eddie Acosta from Eastlake played a no-hit game against Park View.
  • Eli Metz from Mountain Top also achieved this feat against Township on June 30, 2023.
  • Sheandy Payusan from Major Red Sox did not allow any hit in a game against Major Brewers on June 27, 2023, which was part of the Ply Mouth Little League series.
  • Mase Martinez from Orcut American performed exceptionally well by not allowing any hit against Village Hills on June 20, 2023.
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Little League World Series No Hitter 2021

In the 2021 Little League World Series, Gavin Weir was the standout pitcher. He managed to pitch four no-hitters in a single season, which is considered to be one of the best performances in Little League history.

Weir, a left-handed pitcher from South Dakota, rose to fame after securing his fourth no-hitter of the season during a World Series game in 2021. He is now a 2027 graduate student at Harrisburg.

During the World Series, Weir pitched a complete game in one instance, and in another, he achieved a combined no-hitter with Cason Mediger. Weir pitched 5.2 innings and Mediger contributed by pitching 0.1 innings.

Additionally, Eli Jones from Sammamish, Washington, also scored a no-hitter at the World Series. He managed to strike out six hitters, making history as the first one to do so since 1980.

LLWS Female Pitcher

Falynn Randall, a female pitcher who previously represented Santa Clara, is one of the 21 females who have pitched in the Little League World Series (LLWS).

Historically, the first woman to participate in the LLWS was Victoria Roche from Brussels, Belgium. Subsequently, Victoria Brucker of San Diego, California, became the first female participant from the United States.

Pitcher No Hitter
In 2022, Randall was one of the 21 women who participated in the Little League World Series (LLWS) from Utah.( Source : instagram )

Over the years, the LLWS has witnessed various women from around the world representing their countries in this prestigious youth international sports event.

Most recently, in the 2022 LLWS, Randall, a left-handed hitter, represented the Mountain Team.

Below is a list of female players who have participated in the World Series since Victoria Roche in 1984:

  • 1984: Victoria Roche, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1989: Victoria Brucker, San Pedro, CA, US
  • 1990: Kelly Craig, Trail, BC, Canada
  • 1991: Giselle Hardy, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • 1994: Krissy Wendell, Brooklyn Center, MN, US
  • 1998: Sayaka Tsushima, Osaka, Japan
  • 1999: Alicia Hunolt, Ramstein, Germany
  • 2001: Tatiana Maltseva, Moscow, Russia
  • 2002: Sanoe Aina, Waipahu, HI, US
  • 2003: Merced Flores, Agana, Guam
  • 2004: Meghan Sims, Owensboro, KY, US
  • 2004: Alexandra Bellini, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • 2008: Brielle Meno, Yona, Guam
  • 2009: Katie Reyes, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 2009: Bryn Stonehouse, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • 2013: Eliska Stejsklova, Moravia, Czech Republic
  • 2014: Emma March, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • 2014: Mo’ne Davis, Philadelphia, PA, US
  • 2019: Maddy Freking, Coon Rapids, MN, US
  • 2021: Ella Bruning, Abilene, TX, US
  • 2022: Falynn Randall, Santa Clara, UT, US

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