Little League World Series Rain Delay Rules 2023

In the Little League World Series Rain Delay Rules, if a game reaches the fourth innings and is interrupted by rain, the team leading at that time is declared the winner. This rule underscores the importance of playing on safe ground.

Safety is a top priority for Little League officials who recommend that games only be played on grounds that are safe and not made hazardous by rain. Wet fields can lead to slips and falls, resulting in injuries to the players.

Rain Delay
The Western Regional office encountered showers on the sixth day of the Regionals.( Source : Instagram )

Each year, the Little League updates its tournament rules and guidelines to ensure smooth operations. Parents of the players are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new rules each season.

The current Little League World Series is taking place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Even if it is raining, the game can continue if the officials and umpires deem it safe to do so.

Rainouts are a major issue in baseball tournaments, including the MLB, NCAA Baseball, and Little League. They can lead to changes in the game and field conditions, postponements, and even serious injuries to players.

During rain delays, the umpire officials are responsible for assessing the situation and deciding whether the game can continue on the same day or not.

LLWS Rain Delay Rules

The rules of the Little League World Series (LLWS) state that if the playing field becomes wet and slippery, the game must be temporarily halted or postponed until conditions are safe for play.

It is the responsibility of the league officials to adhere to the established rules and guidelines when determining if a game should be called off due to rain.

A Salem Little League player was at the home plate during the Eastern Regional tournament in Bristol.( Source : instagram )

Players are only allowed to re-enter the field after receiving permission from the umpires and coaches, who will first inspect the field and ensure that it is safe and ready for play by using any necessary dry equipment.

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It is imperative that there are no slick areas on the grass or large puddles between the base paths before play can commence. If such conditions are observed, the game must be temporarily halted and can only resume once the field conditions have been rectified.

Here is the rainout policy for The Little League , which outlines the implications that should be considered if rain interrupts a game:

  • A match is officially recognized if four innings are completed before rain interrupts. The team leading at that time is declared the winner, even if the match is not fully completed.
  • If the scores are level before the rain interruption and the match is halted, it will be resumed later the same day or on a different day.
  • If rain interrupts after only one inning and before the fourth inning, the match will be delayed until the rain stops, and then continued on another day.
  • The delayed match will resume from the exact point it was halted, with the same players on bases, and the same count of balls, strikes, and outs.
  • If rain starts before the match begins, the match will be halted for the day and continued on another day, starting as a completely new game.

The Little League World Series (LLWS) is scheduled to commence in the next few days. A glance at the weather forecast for Williamsport, Pennsylvania, indicates no rain expected post August 15, although there might be overcast skies on certain days.

Hence, it is anticipated that the tournament will not face any disruptions due to adverse weather, as per the current weather predictions.

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LLWS Weather Delay In 2023

The Nolensville Little League team faced a weather delay during their match against the Lake Mary Little League team from Florida.

This was the Southeast Regional Final game, initially set for 4 PM CST, but postponed to 8 PM CST due to a rainout.

Rain Delay
The Nolensville team members relished the gloomy, overcast evening at Lamade Stadium.( Source : instagram )

Heavy thunderstorms and rain in the Warner Robins area in Georgia caused a four-hour delay. The game resumed after officials inspected the field and deemed it safe.

Teams warmed up in the outfield three hours before the rescheduled start time, allowing groundkeepers to prepare the field.

Nolensville, which had appeared in the LLWS for two consecutive years, aimed for a third consecutive appearance.

They achieved this by defeating the Florida team 4-1, earning a spot in the World Series.

Reaching the World Series was a significant achievement for Nolensville, as they were in the elimination bracket following a loss to Georgia.

However, they managed to win all their subsequent games against South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia to reach the finals. There, they secured their spot in the LLWS by beating Lake Mary, Florida, with a 4-1 victory.

Further instances of weather interruptions during Little League World Series matches:

  • The LLWS Games 19 and 20, set for August 21, were interrupted due to adverse weather. Japan and Latin America, who were in the third inning of Game 19, had to stop playing.
  • Raymond Little League team progressed in the LLWS by defeating Massachusetts 2-1 in a final match delayed by rain.
  • A regional match of the Elmhurst baseball team was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday due to heavy rain and storms.
  • The 15th and 16th games of the 2021 LLWS, Michigan vs Texas and Oregon vs South Dakota, were deferred to Monday because of bad weather.
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LLWS Lightning Rules

The rules of Little League clearly state that as soon as lightning or thunder is heard, all players must immediately vacate the field until it has passed.

Rain Delay
During the game interruption, a couple of athletes watched the thunder and lightning from the passageway.( Source : pin )

It is the responsibility of the officials to ensure that all players adhere to these rules, and they should stay in the dugout or clubhouse, if available.

Lightning poses a significant danger during Little League matches and tournaments, especially as it becomes more common in the spring and reaches its peak in the summer.

Ensuring the safety of both the players and spectators from lightning is of utmost importance for the officials.

Here are the factors considered to suspend operations during a thunderstorm:

  • The occurrence of lightning is affected by weather, trees, and mountains. At night, lightning can be visible from over 10 miles if there are no blockages.
  • Thunder can be heard from a 10-mile distance if there is no ambient noise. If thunder is heard from a distance shorter than 10 miles, it means the storm is within that range.
  • When the gap between seeing lightning and hearing thunder is 30 seconds or less, it means the storm is around 6 miles away.
  • A designated individual should carefully observe for any lightning activity, and pause any ongoing games if the weather turns severe.

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