MLB Teams Eliminated From Playoffs 2023 Schedule

MLB Teams Eliminated From Playoffs 2023 as of August 28, 2023, is Oakland Athletics which is to be ruled out of the playoffs. This means they are no longer in the running for the 2023 MLB playoffs and the only team that is out of the race.

The MLB regular season consists of 162 games. Once this ends, the postseason starts, culminating in the World Series.

In the playoffs, six teams from each league participate. The top three are the Divisional champions, ranked from one to three based on their performance in the regular season.

Additionally, the three teams with the highest records in the league, regardless of their division, also qualify. These are ranked from four to six according to their regular season performance.

The teams ranked first and second automatically advance to the Division Series, while the others compete in the Wild Card Series. In this series, the third-ranked team plays against the sixth, and the fourth plays against the fifth.

MLB Teams Eliminated From The Playoffs

The Oakland Athletics, a Major League Baseball team, have been ruled out of the playoffs and currently rank fifth in the AL West Division, holding a 38-94 record.

As of August 29, 2023, the MLB playoffs are set to commence on October 3, but no teams have yet secured a spot in the postseason.

MLB Teams Eliminated
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The season began positively for the Athletics on March 30 with a victory against the Los Angeles Angels at the Oakland Coliseum.

Unfortunately, this was followed by a series of defeats, with only one win in the subsequent ten matches, resulting in a 2-9 record.

April proved to be a challenging month for the A’s, as they secured just five victories out of twenty-eight matches. May was no different, with only six wins out of twenty-nine games.

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The team’s poor performance continued, as they won merely ten of the initial fifty-five matches of the season.

This is on par with the worst starts in MLB history, matching the records of the 1899 Cleveland Spiders and the 1904 Washington Senators.

On August 8, after losing their 82nd match in their 114th game, the Athletics were assured a losing season.

This was the quickest a team had been confirmed to have a losing season since the 2003 Detroit Tigers.

The A’s trailed the division leader, Seattle Mariners, by thirty-seven and a half games and were thirty-six and a half games behind the third Wild Card position in the American League.

A 12-1 defeat against the Orioles on August 20 marked the earliest elimination from the division race in the history of the franchise.

Just three days later, on August 23, a loss to the Kansas City Royals confirmed their elimination from the playoffs, the quickest elimination since the 2018 Baltimore Orioles on August 20.

The MLB Teams Eliminated from Playoffs 2022 were again Athletics announced on August 28 2022. Currently, they are on track for a season with 115 losses.

Should this occur, it would equal the 2003 Detroit Tigers’ record and be tied as the fourth-highest number of losses in a single season by an MLB team.

Playoff History Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics have a rich history in the MLB playoffs, making it to the postseason 29 times. Out of 14 World Series they participated in, they emerged victorious 9 times.

Their playoff journey began in 1905 when the American League and National League champions directly competed in the World Series, without any prior series.

MLB Teams Eliminated
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The A’s made it to the postseason again in 1910 and secured their first World Series title by beating Chicago.

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1989 was a memorable year for the A’s as they clinched their latest World Series title, finishing atop the AL West Division with a 99-63 record.

Unfortunately, they were defeated by the Cincinnati Reds in the following year’s Fall Classic, marking their most recent World Series appearance till the 2023 season.

In addition to their World Series titles, the A’s have also won 17 Division titles, 15 AL pennants, and secured four Wild Card berths. Over the past ten years, they made it to the playoffs four times.

In their 2020 playoff roster, notable players included Liam Hendriks, Matt Chapman, and Matt Olson. However, as of 2023, all three players are no longer with the A’s.

Oakland Athletics Made Playoffs Last Time

The Oakland Athletics, commonly known as the A’s, last participated in the playoffs during the 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, marking their 120th season in the American League.

The A’s clinched the American League West Division title, a feat they hadn’t achieved since 2013. The MLB season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a shortened schedule of sixty games, commencing on July 24.

MLB Teams Eliminated
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The A’s had a promising start, winning twelve of their initial sixteen matches, including two remarkable walk-off grand slams. This achievement made them the quickest team to record two walk-off grand slams in a season’s start.

By September 21, the A’s were declared the division champions. Their final regular season game was on September 27, ending with a victory against the Mariners, and a season record of 36-24.

In the American League Wild Card Series, the A’s faced the Chicago White Sox. Although they lost the first match on September 29, they managed to recover and win the subsequent two matches, ultimately winning the series.

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This victory marked the A’s first postseason series win since 2006. The deciding Game 3 against the White Sox was the A’s first winner-take-all match since the 1973 World Series Game 7.

In the American League Division Series, the A’s played against the Houston Astros in a best-of-five series. Unfortunately, the Astros defeated the A’s in four matches, thus concluding their season.

Are The Los Angels Also Eliminated From Playoffs?

As of August 28, the Los Angeles Angels are still in the running for the 2023 MLB playoffs, but their chances of making it to the postseason are extremely slim.

They had a good beginning this season, with a 40-32 record after defeating the Kansas City Royals on June 16. But as the season went on, they faltered and currently stand fourth in the AL West with a 63-69 record.

MLB Teams Eliminated
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The team began the season hoping to break an eight-year absence from the playoffs, but it appears to be a difficult feat at present.

They are lagging by twelve and a half games behind the Seattle Mariners, the division leaders, with only thirty games left.

Moreover, they are eleven and a half games behind the third Wild Card position in the AL. Being this distant from both the Wild Card position and a Division victory, along with a challenging upcoming schedule, makes it highly unlikely for the Angels to break their dry spell and participate in the playoffs.

As of August 27, their magic number is 44/21, indicating that their elimination from the playoff race is more probable than making it to the postseason tournament.

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