Most Hits In Little League World Series All Time

Reece Roussel holds the record for the most hits in a Little League World Series, achieving 17 hits in 2019. Following him, Bradley Smith is the second highest with 14 hits, which he accomplished in the 2012 LLWS.

In 2019, Roussel and his team, the Eastbank Little League from the Southwest Region, were crowned the champions of the Little League Baseball World Series. They secured a convincing victory against the Caribbean in the final match, ending the game with a remarkable 8-0 shutout.

Little League World Series
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A ‘hit’ in baseball is awarded to a batter when they successfully strike the baseball into fair territory and consequently reach a base. However, it is important to note that advancing bases due to an error or a fielder’s choice does not qualify as a hit.

During a baseball game, the type of hit is determined by the number of bases a batter covers. For example, advancing to one base is considered a single hit, while reaching two bases is recorded as a double hit. Similarly, covering three bases results in a triple hit score.

Moreover, achieving all four bases in a single strike is termed as a home run. Importantly, a batter is credited with a hit even if they are subsequently out after reaching at least one base.

In any league, the batter who leads in hits is typically one who can run swiftly and has a high record of plate appearances. Additionally, calculating other statistics such as batting average, WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched), BAA (Batting Average Against), and Hits per Inning is crucial for a comprehensive analysis of a player’s performance.

Little League World Series Highest Hits Record

In 2009, the West Region team set a record at the Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS) with an impressive 72 hits, the highest ever in the series. This achievement was part of their victory against Chinese Taipei in the LLBWS finals of that year.

In addition to team records, the same season also saw the West Region team leading in the most home runs at the LLBWS games. On the other hand, the record for the most hits by an individual player in the LLBWS is held by Reece Roussel from the Southwest Region.

Little League World Series
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In a similar vein, Stella Weaver, who plays for the Nolensville Little League in the Southeast Region, recently set a new record for the most hits by a female player in the LLBWS. During the 2023 LLBWS tournament, she managed to score 4 hits across five games.

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This achievement by Weaver matches the record set by Sayaka Tsushima of Japan in 1998, who also scored 4 hits in five games. As a result, as of August 24, 2023, the title of LLBWS hits leader for girls is jointly held by Tsushima and Weaver.

In the history of the Little League World Series games, only three players are recognized as individual hits leaders. Besides Roussel, two other players share the honor, as they both recorded 14 hits during the World Series games in 2009 and 2012.

Here is the Little League World Series records for the top hitters, which includes the name of the player, their team, the region they belong to, and the year they made the record:

  • Reece Roussel (17 Hits) – In the 2019 LLBWS for Eastbank LL, Southwest Region, contributing to their championship win.
  • Bradley Smith (14 Hits) – In the 2012 LLBWS ,from Petaluma LL, West Region,helping his team clinch a respectable third place.
  • Kiko Garcia (14 Hits) – In the 2009 LLBWS,from Chula Vista LL in the West Region, a crucial effort that led his team to be crowned champions.

Reece Roussel (2019 LLBWS Champion) – 17 Hits

Reece Roussel emerged as the top scorer and the leader in hits during the Little League World Series match. Representing Eastbank LL from Riverridge, Louisiana, Roussel showcased exceptional talent throughout the series.

Little League World Series
Reece Roussel set a LLWS record with 17 hits during the tournament. ( Source : facebook )

The journey commenced on August 17, 2019, with Game 6, and in the entire LLBWS tournament, Eastbank LL participated in seven games. Over the course of the tournament, Roussel achieved a remarkable record of seven doubles, nine singles, and one home run.

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Before their outstanding performance at the Little League World Series, the team had already demonstrated their prowess by clinching victory at the district level games. Following this, they went on to secure the state championship for Louisiana and subsequently triumphed in the Southwest Regionals in 2019.

Kiko Garcia (Third Place) And Bradley Smith (2009 LLBWS Champion) – 14 Hits

Kiko Garcia and Bradley Smith are currently sharing the second spot in the LLBWS hits leader board, both having scored 14 hits in the championship seasons of 2009 and 2012.

Hailing from the West Region of the United States, both athletes have earned the title of California State Champions. Garcia was a member of the Petaluma LL team, whereas Smith played for Chula Vista LL.

Additionally, Smith’s team, Chula Vista, holds the LLBWS games record for the highest number of hits by a team. They amassed a remarkable 72 hits across five games, ultimately securing a victory in the finals against Chinese Taipei with a resounding 8-0.

Most Home Runs In Little League World Series

The record for the most home runs in the Little League World Series is held by Chin-Hsiung Hsieh from Chinese Taipei, who achieved this feat while playing for the Fu-Shing LL team of Taiwan in 1996.

Chih Hsiang Lin, also from Chinese Taipei, is the second-highest home run scorer with 6 home runs during the 1995 season of the Little League World Series.

Little League World Series
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The Little League maintains a list of home run leaders, which, in addition to the aforementioned Chinese Taipei players, includes individuals from the United States, Japan, and Mexico.

Below is the list of the official records revealing the names of those leading in home runs in the Little League:

  • Chin-Hsiung Hsieh (7 Home Runs) – for Fu-Shung LL, Chinese Taipei, Far East Region, and was part of the 1996 LLBWS championship team.
  • Chih Hsiang Lin (6 Home Runs) – representing Shan-Hua LL, Chinese Taipei, Far East Region and was on the winning team of the 1995 LLBWS.
  • Brandon Montes (5 Home Runs) – from Municipal De Tijuana LL, Mexico, Tijuana Region and helped his team finish third in the 2013 LLBWS.
  • Brock Myers (5 Home Runs) – played for Goodlettsville Baseball LL, United States, Southeast Region, and contributing to their victory in the 2012 LLBWS.
  • Andy Rios (5 Home Runs) – of Park View LL, United States, West Region and was part of the 2009 LLBWS winning team.
  • Tetsuya Furukawa (5 Home Runs) – from Kashima LL, Japan, Far-East Region and his team was the runner-up in the 1998 LLBWS.
  • Wen-Hsiung Lin (5 Home Runs) – representing Kaohsiung LL, Chinese Taipei, Far East-Taipei Region and was part of the championship team in the 1974 LLBWS.
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Little League World Series Walk Off Home Run

The Little League World Series witnessed a memorable walk-off home run by Rich Cominski, Michael Memea, Deion Rosalia, and Dalton Carriker.

Aukai Kea,13 hits a walk-off home run in the 11th inning, giving his team a 2-0 victory over Georgia.( Source : usatoday )

In 1955, Cominski of Pennsylvania secured the final shot against the team from New Jersey in the LLBWS championship. This led his team, Merchantville LL, to win the World Series cup that year.

Following this, in the 2005 LLBWS finals, Memea from Hawaii achieved the second record, 50 years after the first, by making a solo home run that helped his team triumph over the defending champions from Curacao.

Furthermore, two more records were set by Rosalia of Willemstad, Curacao, and Carriker of Georgia, USA. Rosalia’s hit came during the International Region Bracket Semifinal game, and Carriker’s during the 2007 LLBWS finals.

Below is the record of individuals who have secured a Walk-off home run during the Little League World Series match:

  • Rich Cominski – In the 1955 LLBWS Finals, at the Williamsport Stadium.
  • Michael Memea- In the 2005 LLBWS Finals at Lamade Stadium.
  • Deion Rosalia – In the 2007 LLBWS Semi Finals at Volunteer Stadium.
  • Dalton Carriker – In the 2007 LLBWS Finals, at Lamade Stadium.

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