Nolensville Little League World Series 2023

Nolensville Little League World Series 2023 team, from the Southeast Region, represented Tennessee in the LLBWS. In 2022, they made it to the US Finals of the Little League World Series.

Over the years, the team has won the Southeast Regional championship three times – in 2013, 2014, and 2021.

This achievement made them a source of pride for the people of Nolensville, especially after they secured the fourth position in the tournament last year.

Every year, the LLBWS organizes games in a double-elimination format, with National and International brackets.

After the US and International Finals are concluded, the winning teams from both sections face off to determine the World Series Champion.

Nolensville has been a strong contender in the national team, as evidenced by their fourth-place ranking in the 2022 LLBWS.

They managed to win all their matches except the finals, where they were defeated by the Honolulu team from the West.

In the 2023 Little League Baseball World Series, the Southeast team will play their initial match in the tenth game, against the winner of Game 2.

Little League World Series Nolensville

Little League World Series Nolensville teams selection will be made after the Southeast regionals. The Tennessee finals on 20th July 2023 will decide who proceeds to the regionals.

The final Southeast team for the 2023 LLBWS will be decided after the regional finals. They will then compete against the Game 2 winner at the LLWS.

In 2022, Nolensville was a key player at the World Series, but lost in the National finals to Honolulu from the West. Despite this, the Nolensville baseball team was warmly received for coming fourth in the LLBWS.

Nolensville Little League World Series
After a victory in the regional championships, Nolensville was chosen as the southeast region representative in the 2022 LLBWS.( Source : facebook )

The Southeast representative started their winning journey in the Little League World Series Game 2 on 17th August 2022.

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They secured four consecutive victories until they won against the Southwest team, Pearland LL, on 25th August.

However, their first defeat was against the West Region team, Honolulu LL, in the finals, with a difference of 4 runs.

They faced another loss in the consolation match against Fu-Lin LL from the Asia-Pacific region on 28th August.

For the 2023 season, Nolensville can represent the Southeast at the LLBWS after the regional championship game.

The regional tournament will take place at the Little League Southeast Park in Georgia, beginning on 3rd August 2023.

Nolensville’s opening match will be against the team from Alabama at 04:00 PM on the first day. Their progress to subsequent rounds will hinge on the outcome of the initial match on 3rd August.

Little League Roster Nolensville

The Nolensville Little League team is set to participate in the World Series, with a roster featuring 56 varsity players, including standouts Ethan McElvain and Eric Harper, under the guidance of Coach Zach Hudson in 2023.

Nolensville Little League World Series
The 12u team of Nolensville Little League has been crowned as the champions of Division 7.( Source : facebook )

The quest for the Southeast Region champion title for the LLBWS starts on July 15, 2023, with Nolensville facing Columbia in the opening match.

The player pool consists of 56 athletes from different years – Sophomore, Freshman, Junior, and Senior. Nolensville will select the best-performing athletes from the season to represent them in the LLBWS.

Ethan McElvain, a senior varsity player with impressive pitching skills, is a top prospect in 2023 and is confirmed to be part of the Little League World Series 2023 roster.

McElvain’s remarkable season record includes a 6-0 perfect game, 89 strikeouts in 44.1 innings, and a 0.95 ERA, earning him All-state honors. He is known for his fastball pitching and can also deliver an 80 MPH curve.

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MaxPreps has recently updated the list of senior players who are potential candidates for the LLBWS 2023 roster.

Players NamePosition
Ethan McEvlainPitcher
Ricky ViarengoRight Handed Pitcher (RHP)
Deakin WimmerLeft Handed Pitcher (LHP) and Outfielder
Zach SinnerLHP and 1st Baseman
Nate EdgeworthOutfielder and LHP
Quentin Jenkis3rd Baseman
Eric HarperShortstop
Grady GuthrieRHP
Brandon Crabtree3rd Baseman, RHP and Middle Infielder
Taryc WashingtonOutfielder, 2nd Baseman, and Shortstop
Hayden SinnerCatcher and 3rd Baseman

The new batch of players includes talents such as Ryan Stein, a pitcher, and Bo Holloway, who are considered top prospects for the team.

Additionally, Evan McElvain, a utility player, is also on the list of notable newcomers. Notably, Evan is the sibling of Ethan, a senior pitching sensation from Tennessee.

High School Baseball Coaches Nolensville

The baseball team of Nolensville High School is guided by several coaches, including Zach Hudson, who is the head coach, and Matthew Crawford, Terry Hudson, along with three more individuals. Hudson plays a crucial role in directing the team.

The coaching staff engaged in a conversation regarding the strategies to be implemented during the game.( Source : facebook )

Assisting him in this task are Adam Nyswaner, Lance Smith, and Lee Vaughn, who serve as assistant coaches.

Each of these assistants is responsible for overseeing a particular aspect of the team’s training, whether it be pitching, hitting, or another area.

The Nolensville high school baseball team consists of several individuals, both coaching staff and team members, detailed below:

Coach Position
Zach HudsonHead Coach
Terry HudsonAssistant Coach
Adam NyswanerAssistant Coach
Matthew CrawfordAssistant Coach
Lee VaughnAssistant Coach
Lance SmithAssistant Coach

Zach Hudson The Head Coach

The Nolensville High team, under the guidance of Coach Zach Hudson, reached the US finals of the 2022 Little League World Series.

Hudson, who is also the school’s athletic director, has successfully guided the team through district and regional tournaments in four different years – 2013, 2014, 2021, and 2022.

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Notably, in 2022, the team clinched the regional championship title and advanced to the US finals of the Little League World Series, finishing in the fourth position overall.

Matthew Crawford The Assistant Coach

Matthew Crawford plays as a Left and Center Fielder in the Minor Leagues. Additionally, he holds the position of assistant coach at Nolensville, where he is responsible for training young sports enthusiasts.

Adam Nyswaner The Assistant Coach

Adam Nyswaner has been serving as a high school guidance counselor and deputy baseball coach at Nolensville High School from 2020 onwards.

Lance Smith The Assistant Coach

Lance Smith works as a baseball catcher and serves as a coach for the same position at Nolensville High School.

Besides, Smith is also employed as a full-time teacher and actively mentors the school’s varsity athletes.

Lee Vaughn The Assistant Coach

Lee Vaughn works full-time as a teacher and also helps out as a baseball coach at Nolensville High School.

Little League Nolensville Schedule 2023

The Little League Nolensville Schedule 2023 includes the Tennessee State Tournament, which starts at 10 AM on July 15, 2023. Following a victory in this tournament, the team will proceed to the regional level.

Columbia will be the first rival team faced during the initial day of the Tennessee State Tournament. Additionally, the team that wins District 7 will have the honor of initiating the tournament.

Teams that have emerged victorious from the eight districts of the southeast region will partake in the competition, adhering to the double elimination bracket principle.

The champion of this tournament will have the privilege of representing Tennessee in the Southeast Regional matches.

ESPN is scheduled to air the tournament from July 15 to July 20, concluding with the Tennessee State Tournament finals.

Here are the planned dates and times for the forthcoming matches of the team:

  • Game 1: scheduled for 10 AM on 15 July 2023
  • Game 2: scheduled for 12 PM on 15 July 2023
  • Game 3: scheduled for 2 PM on 15 July 2023
  • Game 4: scheduled for 4 PM on 15 July 2023
  • Game 5: scheduled for 11 AM on 16 July 2023
  • Game 6: scheduled for 1 PM on 16 July 2023
  • Game 7: scheduled for 3 PM on 16 July 2023
  • Game 8: scheduled for 5 PM on 16 July 2023
  • Game 9: scheduled for 6 PM on 17 July 2023
  • Game 10: scheduled for 8 PM on 17 July 2023
  • Game 11: scheduled for 6 PM on 18 July 2023
  • Game 12: scheduled for 8 PM on 18 July 2023
  • Game 13: scheduled for 6 PM on 19 July 2023
  • Game 14: scheduled for 6 PM on 20 July 2023
  • Game 15: scheduled for 8 PM on 15 July 2023 Finals

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