Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2023 Position Eligibility Rules

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Position Eligibility Rules In 2023 the batters need to have started in five games or played in ten games to be eligible for a position. Starting pitchers require only three games.

Fantasy baseball lets enthusiasts form their teams and pit them against fellow players globally. They select actual MLB players for their team.

The better these MLB players perform in real games, the more points the fantasy team earns.

Every season begins with a draft event. Here, enthusiasts choose players for their team. Once selected, these players stay on the team until they’re replaced or swapped with others.

Teams earn points from weekly competitions. While most drafts have a random order for picking players, sometimes the team that ranked last in the past season gets the first choice. The next to last team chooses next, and so on.

Fantasy Baseball Position Eligibility Rules

In Fantasy Baseball, a player’s allowed position is based on where they’ve played in real games. To qualify for a specific position, they need to play a certain number of games there.

Moving a player to a different position can impact how you handle your team. Their starting positions are set using data from the MLB and their historical game performance.

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Some players might qualify for multiple positions. How many games they’ve played in the MLB sets which positions they’re allowed.

Once a player gets a position, they keep it for the whole season, even if they don’t play more games in that position.

To be eligible in specific baseball positions, players must meet the following criteria:

  1. Position (Infielder, Outfielder, Shortstop, or Catcher): Participate in ten matches or start in five matches in the mentioned roles.
  2. Starting Pitcher: Play in three matches as a Starting Pitcher.
  3. Relief Pitcher: Appear in five matches in the Relief Pitcher role.

Yahoo’s official site provides details on a baseball player’s position eligibility for their Fantasy Baseball game.

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It even shows a countdown indicating how many more games the player needs to play in a specific position to qualify for it in the fantasy setting.

For instance, seeing the number three under the first baseman section for a player implies they need to play three more MLB games in that position to qualify in fantasy.

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The ‘E’ symbol marks the positions a player is currently qualified for. Some players, like Luis Arraez, qualify for several infield positions.

Follow these guidelines to determine the position eligibility of players in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball:

  1. Go to your Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League.
  2. In the top left, select the Players tab and choose Position Eligibility.
  3. You’ll see a list of players along with their eligible positions.
  4. Enter the athlete’s name you’re checking for, then press Search

Tiebreaker Rules In Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

In Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, if there’s a tie during the regular season, the winner is chosen based on their past performance against that particular opponent. This method decides who moves on to the playoffs.

All Private and Public Leagues follow this rule, and it’s not open to changes. Rankings in these leagues depend on how often a team wins, or their “winning percentage“.

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The team with the highest winning rate stands first, the next highest is second, and it goes on like that. This system is also in place to resolve any ties by the close of the regular season.

The winning rate is calculated in a straightforward way. Wins count as one point, losses don’t earn any points, and ties get half a point. You get the winning percentage by dividing the total points by the number of games played.

The formula to determine the winning rate is:

Winning Rate = (Wins + (No. of Ties multiplied * 0.5)) / Total games played.

When a player has results like 30-6-4, you can find their winning rate by using this formula: (30 + (4*0.5)) divided by 40.

This gives a rate of 0.800, showing the player’s win rate. If, after the regular games, multiple players have the same rate, we need a way to decide who ranks higher.

To break the tie, we look at their performances in the week before the playoffs. The player with the higher win rate that week ranks above.

If they’re still equal, we check the week before that. This continues until we find a difference in their win rates to decide the rankings.

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Playoff Tiebreaker In Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

In Yahoo Fantasy League, playoff tiebreakers are resolved in two ways:

  1. By considering each team’s regular-season performance against the opposing team.
  2. Based on which team has the higher seed.

Usually, the team with the higher seed automatically wins the tie in the playoffs. This is the standard rule for all Public Leagues and .

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However, if a league has chosen to determine ties based on regular-season records, and teams remain tied after this, then the team with the higher seed gets the advantage.

These are the settings for each grading system:

  1. Head-to-Head One Win and Points:The tiebreaker goes to the team that has the highest win percentage against its opponent throughout the regular season.
  2. Head-to-Head Categories:The tiebreaker is given to the team that secured victories in the majority of statistical categories, not just based on total wins and losses.

In Public Prize or Public Leagues, you can’t modify the tiebreaker settings. However, in Private Leagues, the commissioners can adjust them until the playoffs start.

Waiver Rules In Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

In Yahoo’s Public Fantasy Baseball League, there’s a two-day waiting period before a player on waiver can be claimed.

However, in Private Leagues, this waiting time can be adjusted between 0 to 7 days by the league’s commissioner.

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The purpose of waivers is to temporarily hold players who aren’t yet claimed. This gives everyone a fair chance to express interest in these players.

If multiple managers show interest, the one with the top waiver priority gets the player.

Players not on waivers and not yet claimed are termed Free Agents. They can be added by any fantasy player immediately. There are two different waiver systems to choose from in the league.

Yahoo Fantasy League offers two main ways to manage player waivers:

  1. Continuous Waivers: In this setup, all players that aren’t claimed are always on waivers. Usually, they remain there for two days. If a team owner wants a player, they start a process. This gives other team owners a chance to claim that same player too.
  2. Regular Waivers with Free Agents: Here, if a player is let go, they aren’t immediately available. They’re set aside for a default of two days, but league leaders can adjust this. Team owners can try to claim this player during this wait time. If nobody does, the player is labeled as a Free Agent. This means any team owner can grab them for their team. If an owner picks up a Free Agent and then quickly lets them go, the player stays a Free Agent.
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Suspended Game In Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball follows specific rules for suspended games. If a Major League Baseball game gets paused, points up to that moment count in the fantasy league. Later, when the game continues, any additional scores are updated using stat corrections.

Many things can halt a baseball game, but weather issues are the usual culprit. When weather disrupts a game, the fantasy points gathered by players until the interruption are counted. Once the game restarts, any further points are added through stat corrections.

You’ll see these stat corrections on Mondays in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. So, if there’s a delay, you might need to wait a bit for updates. If we’re talking about head-to-head leagues, corrections only apply to the most recent matchup.

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When rain or other issues cause a game to be postponed, team managers have an option. They can replace the player who was supposed to play in that game with someone else from their team. This switch is possible even if the game had already begun.

But remember, if a player has already gathered some points before the game’s postponement, you can’t edit your roster. Players from the halted game get locked. They only unlock when Major League Baseball officially postpones the game.

Sometimes, a game might get canceled before reaching five innings. If that happens, the points players earned up to that moment are removed.

The game is considered unofficial. If there’s a makeup game later, points from that game get added to the score for that particular week.

Note: If you have a player scheduled for two games in one day, you can’t change their position after the first game begins. If that player participates in both games, they’ll get points from both.

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