Ring The Bell Phillies Meaning And Celebration 2023

Ring The Bell Phillies in the context pertains to a celebratory act at Citizens Bank Park. When the Phillies hit a home run or clinch a victory, the bell sounds.

In the Phillies’ home stadium, there’s a prominent bell. This bell echoes the historical Liberty Bell, a symbol of American freedom, located at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia.

This specific bell at the Phillies’ ballpark has a history. Before being placed at the Citizens Bank Park in 2004, this bell, along with its twin, was housed in Victory Stadium until 2003. When the stadium met its end, the bell found its new home.

Victory Stadium had been the Phillies’ playing ground for 33 years before their move. Philadelphians have a long-standing tradition. They often ring bells during the onset of significant events or celebrations.

In line with this tradition, the Phillies ring their stadium’s large bell to mark team achievements. Presently, this hefty 5000-pound bell stands near the Pass and Stow section. Fans can view it as they walk around the stadium.

The significance of the Liberty Bell is also evident in the Phillies’ brand elements. Their logos incorporate it, and the stadium stands as a testament to Philadelphia’s rich history. The bell at the stadium also holds the names of the two people who set it up there.

What Does Ring The Bell Phillies Mean ?

The Phillies team has a special victory chant called “Ring The Bell.” It’s a call for the team to hit more home runs and is linked to the big Liberty Bell at their stadium.

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At Citizens Bank Park, there’s a massive bell. Every time the Phillies score a home run or win a game, this bell lights up and swings.

Fans from Philadelphia get very excited and show a lot of emotion when this bell rings, highlighting its significance to them.

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Recently, something new started. After a game win last year, Phillies players began using a smaller Liberty Bell. Bryce Harper, their right fielder, bought this bell for the team to use near the dugouts. It’s now a big deal for the players. After a win, they eagerly wait for their turn to ring this bell.

In 2022, the Phillies reached the World Series finals. During the playoffs, the team celebrated their wins in the clubhouse, and the players would line up to ring the small bell.

Sheree McMullen, who works as a massage therapist for the Phillies, was chosen to hold this bell as each player rang it.

The act of ringing this bell has turned into a cherished ritual for the team. They’ve reached the NLCS two times over the past two years and are hopeful about playing in the World Series again.

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The team’s locker room celebrations with the small bell have gained more attention recently than the big bell at the stadium.

2023 Phillies Locker Room Celebration

The Phillies had a memorable celebration in their locker room last night after their NDLS victory. Their triumph, marking their entrance into the NLCS for the second time in a row, was evident in the festivities.

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The highlight of the evening was Sheree McMullen consistently ringing the bell, marking it as the year’s standout moment in the locker room. The players were exuberant, and some even playfully sprayed beer around the room.

This celebratory moment followed their impressive win against the Atlanta Braves, who had the best performance this regular season. The Phillies secured their place by beating the NL East champions with a score of 3 to 1 in the Division Series.

The celebration in the Phillies’ clubhouse took place on Thursday night after their decisive win against the Braves. There was much merriment with champagne and beer flowing freely.

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Safety first, many players wore big goggles, protecting their eyes from the bubbly spray. Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and the new player, Orion Kerkering, were notably lively, dancing to the Phillies’ anthem “Dancing on My Own.”

Manager Rob Thompson initiated the festivities with a victory toast. In no time, the jubilant players were immersing themselves in the celebration. Notably, Garrett Stubbs and a few others donned jeans without shirts, truly getting into the spirit.

With this momentum, the Phillies are now looking forward to their chance at the World Series for the second year running. Their next challenge is the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLCS.

What Is Phillie Base Hit Celebration?

The Philadelphia Phillies have a distinctive way to celebrate a base hit: they make a juggling motion with both hands. This was introduced by players Garrett Stubbs, J.T. Kyle Schwarber,Realmuto and Trea Turner.

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This gesture became quite a topic of conversation. In the dugouts, Christopher Sanchez found it so amusing that he couldn’t help but laugh until tears formed. After seeing its popularity, Cristian Pache also started using this gesture, especially after he hit a home run.

The celebration wasn’t without its controversies. As more players adopted it, it was seen after nearly every base hit.

The purpose of this juggling sign? To let the opposing team know that the Phillies aren’t afraid to score or hit home runs in crucial moments. Their recent success over the last two seasons has made this gesture even more popular.

Interestingly, the inspiration for this celebration comes from the 1994 baseball film, “Major League 2”. Other celebrations also gained attention; for instance, Bryce Harper has a unique gesture where he signals “I Love You” using his pinky, index finger, and thumb.

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This was a nod to his mother, who inspired him to use this gesture during games.

Phillies Win Song 2023

In 2022, the Philadelphia Phillies chose “Dancing On My Own” by Callum Scott as their victory song.

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This tune gained significant attention after the Phillies made it to the World Series that year. The team played this song to celebrate each of their wins during that season, including the playoffs. The song became an essential part of the team’s spirit.

Although the Phillies initially chose not to continue this musical tradition in the early part of 2023, they reintroduced it later in the season.

A notable moment came on June 3, 2023, after a victory against the Washington Nationals. Kevin Long, the hitting coach, expressed his wish to play the song in the stadium again, highlighting its significance.

This decision proved beneficial. Following its reintroduction, the Phillies experienced a wave of victories, reversing their previously disappointing performance.

The song has turned into a team anthem and is believed to bring good luck. They kept playing it after every win, including after their recent triumph over the Diamondbacks in the first game of the NLCS.

Garret Stubbs, the team’s catcher, mentioned the song’s positive impact, noting how a good atmosphere can translate to better performance on the field.

A memorable moment from 2023 was the dance performance by Phillies players Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Orion Kerkering.

They danced to “Dancing On My Own” at the party following their National League Division Series (NLDS) victory.

Lastly, Callum Scott, the artist behind the song, expressed interest in performing live at the Phillies Stadium if they clinch the World Series title this season.

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