The Party Animals Baseball Schedule 2024 And Tickets

The Party Animals baseball schedule 2024 begins with a game on February 8th against the Savannah Bananas. In that first month, they’ll play 11 times.

This year’s event is the fourth Banana Ball World Tour since it started in 2020. The Party Animals came out on top in the previous tour, which took place in Cooperstown, New York.

Interestingly, they secured their victory in the final match against the Savannah Bananas, and this took place in the city famous for its Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Now, Banana Ball isn’t your everyday baseball. It’s unique, with its own set of rules that differ from regular baseball.

This style of play is faster and prioritizes keeping the game going. It’s an enjoyable twist on the classic sport, offering spectators something fresh and fun.

As it stands, the Party Animals and the Savannah Bananas are the main teams in Banana Ball. But it’s growing in popularity, with new teams signing up each year.

In fact, the Savannah Bananas recently added the Firefighters as the third core team for the 2024 season. Plus, there’ll be guest teams competing throughout the year.

The Party Animals schedule 2024

In 2024, the Party Animals have lined up 11 matches against the Savannah Bananas from February 8th to 25th. This set of matches will kick off the Banana Ball World Tour for that year.

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Over the entire year, the Party Animals have 84 games planned in various cities. In addition to games against the Savannah Bananas, they’ll also compete against the Firefighters this year.

Notably, 2024 will be the Firefighters’ debut year in the Banana Ball World Tour. They’re set to face the Party Animals in five matches come June.

The Party Animals’ 2024 game schedule is as follows:

  1. 8-10 February: George M. Steinbrenner Field, Tampa Bay, Florida
  2. 15-17 February: Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, Arizona
  3. 23-25 February: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  4. 1-3 March: Financial Ballpark, Jacksonville, Florida
  5. 9 March: Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas
  6. 14-16 March: Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rogue, Louisiana
  7. 22-24 March: Coolray Field, Gwinnett County, Georgia
  8. 28-29 March: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  9. 4-6 April: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  10. 12-14 April: Durham Bull Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina
  11. 20-21 April: Rio Grande Credit Union Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  12. 25-27 April: Sloan Park, Mesa, Arizona
  13. 3-5 May: Chukchansi Park, Fresno, California
  14. 9-11 May: Sutter Health Park, Sacramento, California
  15. 16-18 May: Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  16. 24-26 May: Huntington Park, Columbus, Ohio
  17. 8 June: Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts
  18. 13-15 June: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  19. 21-22 June: Las Vegas Ballpark, Las Vegas, Nevada
  20. 27-29 June: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  21. 19-20 July: First National Bank Field, Greensboro, North Carolina
  22. 26-27 July: Fluor Field, Greenville, South Carolina
  23. 1-3 August: Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, Kentucky
  24. 10 August: Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio
  25. 16-18 August: Harbor Park Station, Norfolk, Virginia
  26. 22-24 August: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  27. 30-31 August: Smith’s Ballpark, Salt Lake City, Utah
  28. 6-8 September: Principal Park, Des Moines, Iowa
  29. 13-15 Septembe: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  30. 21 Septembe: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  31. 26-28 Septembe: Historic Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia
  32. 14 October: loanDepot Park, Miami, Florida
  33. 14-18 October: Bananaland At Sea
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Baseball Tickets 2024

If you are keen to watch the Party Animals play Banana Ball in 2024, it’s important to note a few things about tickets. Firstly, if you wish to secure a ticket, you should be on the Ticket Lottery list by December 1, 2023. The basic ticket pricing starts at $35.

Party Animals
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Members of the K-Club, as well as those fortunate to be chosen in the lottery, have the advantage of purchasing their tickets two months before the game begins.

This early access is facilitated through a random drawing that determines eligible individuals for these advance ticket purchases.

Everyone else must be patient until the tickets are officially released for purchase on the Savannah Bananas website.

The standard ticket pricing is set at $35. However, for those looking for an enhanced experience, there’s the VIB ticket available at $100. This ticket price is all-inclusive, meaning there won’t be any hidden fees or additional taxes.

In 2024, fans can look forward to a packed schedule of matches between the Savannah Bananas and Party Animals.

The teams are set to compete in 75 games from February 8 through to October 12. The inaugural match of this series is slated to be held at the George M. Steinbrenner Field.

Following this, the Banana Ball World Tour for 2024 concludes with the Bananaland at Sea event, which will run from October 14 to October 18. This event promises a scenic route from Miami, moving on to Nassau and finishing at Great Stirrup Cay.

A word of caution for potential ticket buyers: while the official Bananas website has tickets starting from $35, the same tickets might fetch higher prices on other platforms such as StubHub, Ticket Master, or Vivid Seats.

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It’s also essential to be wary of counterfeit tickets. The Banana Ball organizers have made it clear that any fraudulent tickets procured from third-party platforms will be deemed invalid.

Regarding group bookings, the Savannah Bananas organization gives priority to the lottery ticket winners and K-Club members. Additionally, children under the age of three are allowed free entry into the stadium.

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For fans seeking the VIB experience, tickets are offered primarily to K-Club members, lottery ticket winners, and those with group open-seating arrangements.

These VIB tickets come with added benefits, including early access to the ballpark. This allows ticket holders to choose prime seating locations.

Additionally, VIB ticket holders will have the exclusive opportunity for a special meet-and-greet session with their favorite Bananas players.

Lastly, the Savannah Bananas are committed to inclusivity. They have made provisions for easily accessible seating in every ballpark for patrons with ADA tickets.

Individuals without disabilities occupying these special access seats may be requested to switch seats to accommodate those with special needs.

Baseball Roster: Prediction 2024

In 2023, the Party Animals baseball team’s roster includes players like Bryson Bloomer, Dalton Cornett, and Reece Hampton. Notably, Cornett took on the role of designated hitter during their year-end game.

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The team’s leadership is solid with Mike Vavasis serving as the head coach, while Sam Claycamp handles the infield coaching duties.

A bit of their background: Vavasis used to be a catcher at Eckerd College and once competed in the NPC Men’s Physique tournament.

Claycamp, on his part, played infield for the University of Dayton Athletics. Now, he trains the team’s catchers and shortstops for the Banana Ball competition.

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Projected 2024 Party Animals Baseball Team Line-up:

  1. Bryson Bloomer – Plays both infield and outfield.
  2. Dalton Cornett – Plays both catcher and infield.
  3. Reece Hampton – An outfielder.
  4. Bret Helton -A right-handed pitcher.
  5. Chase Achuff – Plays both infield and outfield.
  6. Brandon Sherman – A left-handed pitcher.
  7. Dylan Porter – A right-handed pitcher.
  8. Drew Gillespie – A right-handed pitcher.
  9. Joe Lytle – A catcher.
  10. Colin Ledbetter -A right-handed pitcher.
  11. Tucker Perry – A right-handed pitcher.
  12. Jake Lialios – A right-handed pitcher.
  13. Sean Fluke – A Right-handed pitcher.
  14. Zach Blankenship – A left-handed pitcher.
  15. Jake Skole – A outfielder.
  16. Jason Swan – Plays both infield and outfield.
  17. Tanner Thomas – A outfielder.
  18. Dustin Baber – A infielder.
  19. Garrett Delano – Plays both right-handed pitcher and infielder.
  20. Breland Almadova – Plays both center field and infield.
  21. Lake Lialios -A catcher.
  22. Carson Goldsmith – A pitcher.

Note:The list pertains to 2023 players and will be revised soon.

Since 2022, Cornett has been part of the team, joined by Tanner Thomas, Breland Almadova, and Garett Delano.

Thomas previously played both as an outfielder and pitcher in college. Almadova serves as the team’s center fielder, and Delano, who studied at Brown University, is a pitcher.

Following the 2024 Banana Ball Draft, new members will be added to the team. The squad is set to participate in the World tour in 2024. Banana Ball has gained traction among players due to its distinctive rules, engaging gameplay, and stylish uniforms that became popular on social platforms.

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