10 MLB Managers With Most Postseason Wins

Top MLB Managers with the most wins in Playoff 2023

Joe Torre-84 Tonny La Russa-71 Bobby Cox-67 Dusty Baker-52 Bruce Bochy-48 Dave Roberts-45 Terry Francona-44 Jim Leyland-44 Casey Stengel-37 Sparky Anderson-34

1. Joe Torre – 84

Joe Torre stands at the top with the most postseason victories by any Major League Baseball (MLB) manager, having 84 to his name. He’s best remembered for restoring the New York Yankees to their former greatness.

2. Tonny La Russa – 71

Tony La Russa was a notable manager in Major League Baseball. He managed three different teams and was with each of them for at least ten years. Throughout his career, he clinched three World Series titles and had a postseason score of 71 wins to 61 losses.

3. Bobby Cox – 67

Bobby Cox is a standout figure in baseball’s history. He’s among a rare group of just four MLB managers to claim over 2,500 wins, with 67 of those in the postseason.

4. Dusty Baker – 52

Baker is currently the Houston Astros’ manager. Under his leadership, the team reached the 2023 ALCS. His postseason management record stands at 52 wins and 47 losses.

5. Bruce Bochy – 48

Bruce Bochy is the current manager of the Texas Rangers. This year, he led them to the 2023 ALCS. As of September 11, his record in the playoffs stands at 49 wins and 33 losses.

6. Dave Roberts – 45

Dave Roberts is the Dodgers’ manager since 2016. Every year he’s been with them, they’ve made it to the postseason, and he holds a win-loss record of 45-39.

7. Terry Francona – 44

Francona is celebrated for breaking the Red Sox’s 86-year wait for a championship. His managerial span was 23 years, boasting a postseason record of 44 wins and 34 losses.

8. Jim Leyland – 44

Leyland used to play and manage in the minor leagues. He managed Major League Baseball (MLB) teams for twenty-two seasons, achieving 44 wins out of 84 games in the playoffs.

9. Casey Stengel – 37

Stengel had quite the journey in Major League Baseball (MLB). Starting as a player, he played for seven different teams over fourteen years.

10. Sparky Anderson – 34

Anderson played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for a total of 28 seasons. Out of these, he played one season as an athlete, served as a coach for another season, and managed teams for the remaining years.

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