2023 World Series Insights: Expert Predictions, Behind-the-Scenes Info, & Betting Odds

2023 World Series Insights: Expert Predictions, Behind-the-Scenes Info, & Betting Odds

The World Series for 2023 kicks off tonight in Arlington, Texas. The Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks have secured their places after winning intense championship series. Both teams had remarkable comebacks, winning Games 6 and 7 away from home.

The Diamondbacks triumphed over the Philadelphia Phillies at "Citizens Bank Park," and the Rangers defeated the Houston Astros, the previous champions, at "Minute Maid Park."

The probability of winning is 63.6% according to ESPN.

Texas Rangers

In 2010, they faced a defeat against Bruce Bochy, who is now their manager, and his team, the San Francisco Giants. They lost in a series that lasted five games. The next year, in 2011, they had a tough loss against the St. Louis Cardinals. During the crucial Game 6, they had a 7-5 lead until the ninth inning. Unfortunately, they couldn't secure their lead and lost that game. Following this, they also lost Game 7.

Bruce Bochy is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, primarily because of the three championships he clinched with the Giants.

However, securing a fourth title would place him alongside celebrated managers like Casey Stengel and Joe McCarthy, both with 7 championships, Connie Mack with 5, and Walter Alston and Joe Torre, each with 4. On another note, Adolis Garcia, boasting seven home runs and 20 RBIs, is on the brink of marking one of the most remarkable individual postseason performances. He's merely an RBI away from equalling the record held by David Freese.

Top 3 Reasons For Rangers To win:

Currently, Adolis Garcia is excelling in the cleanup position, displaying superstar qualities. With Marcus Semien and Corey Seager's strong performances at the beginning of the lineup, they're providing Garcia with numerous chances to score runs. Given this, it becomes tough for any team to outplay the Rangers.


The strength of the Texas team's roster lies in its depth. In recent victories in Houston, they've had key players in crucial lineup positions. Jonah Heim, recognized as an All-Star catcher this season, was in the 6th spot. Following him was Nathaniel Lowe, who secured the Silver Slugger Award as a first baseman the previous year, in the 7th position. Lastly, in the 8th slot was Josh Jung, who made a notable debut as a third baseman this season.

2. Nathan Eovaldi and Jordan Montgomery

While the Rangers do have some issues with their pitching, Eovaldi and Montgomery aren't among them. These two have managed to record a 2.29 ERA over 51 innings during this playoff season, providing solid and reliable performances at the beginning of the rotation.

Eovaldi, boasting a 2.87 ERA from 69 innings in past playoffs, is set to pitch in Game 1 on Friday. Meanwhile, Montgomery, who stepped in for Max Scherzer and managed seven outs in the crucial Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, is scheduled for Game 2 on Saturday.


During the closing days of August, the Rangers faced a tough phase, losing eight games in a row. However, they bounced back by winning seven out of eight games as September was coming to an end. Although they couldn't secure the division title on the last day of the regular season, they displayed remarkable spirit by achieving seven straight wins in the postseason.

During the ALCS, the team suffered defeats in all three matches held at their home ground, with a particularly tough loss in Game 5 standing out. However, they turned things around by securing two consecutive victories in Houston, propelling them to the World Series.

Rangers Vulnerabilities

The back of the bullpen remains thin. Texas has gotten this far because Bochy has managed to steer his club into workable situations for his high-leverage crew, which, at this point, might just be Josh Sborz and Jose Leclerc.

The staff of the Rangers is prepared to handle extended innings if a main pitcher doesn't last long. However, they face challenges when they have to maintain a narrow lead of one or two runs over a span of three or four innings.

Arizona's objective is clear: they need to generate high-pressure situations during the central parts of the game. This will push Bochy to either use his main relief pitchers for longer durations, which may tire them out, or opt for other pitchers he'd usually sidestep during crucial moments. -- Bradford Doolittle

Arizona Diamondbacks

The probability of winning is 36.4% according to ESPN.

The Diamondbacks have achieved something remarkable. They've become only the second team to advance to the World Series even though they had a negative score difference in the regular games. The 1987 Minnesota Twins were the first team to do this.

The team with an 84-78 record is surpassed in terms of poorer World Series performance only by the 1973 New York Mets, who had an 82-79 record, and the 2006 Cardinals with an 83-78 record.

This year marks the first Fall Classic since 2016 that doesn't feature either the Houston Astros or the Los Angeles Dodgers. These two teams, along with the Atlanta Braves, have been the standout performers in recent regular seasons. Seeing new teams, like the Diamondbacks who might not have had the best regular season, brings a fresh change to the competition.

Team owners who are hesitant to spend money on their teams no longer have a valid reason for their reluctance. The success of the Diamondbacks demonstrates that victory is not exclusive to teams with abundant financial resources. Other squads can also achieve triumph, not solely the wealthy elite ones. – Schoenfield.

Top 3 Reasons For Diamond's To win:

1.Leading Pitching Coach Brent Strom

Rather than listing numerous pitchers, we should focus on the person responsible for overseeing them. This individual is a valued national figure, yet many are unaware of his contributions. He played a pivotal role in the Astros' remarkable playoff performances and is now making a similar impact in Arizona.

Strom's strategies during mound visits and game plans are almost always effective. There's every chance he will display the same prowess when facing the Rangers, especially since they don't have a bullpen to match the quality of the D-backs.

2.Corbin Carroll

In the final match of the National League Championship Series, we saw evidence of his exceptional talent. He performed particularly well against pitchers who throw with their left hand and was also impressive on the running bases.

The Rangers boast some exceptional players, but Carroll stands just as strong in comparison. While Ketel Marte received the MVP award in the previous round, Carroll is set to claim that title during the World Series, showcasing his unique contributions to the game.

3.Experience and confidence

The Rangers have performed well recently. However, the D-backs have experienced everything this postseason has to offer. This experience should be significant. The atmosphere they encountered in Philadelphia was more challenging than what they can expect in Texas. Thus, playing away from home should be relatively easy for the D-backs.

The Rangers have a strong performance, yet there's a subtle harmony in the Diamondbacks' roster. This lineup of the Diamondbacks is showing its best performance at the most opportune moment. This means the D-backs are currently operating with a high level of confidence.

Diamonds Vulnerabilities

In Arizona's 6-5 victory in Game 4 of the NLCS, one could argue that the Diamondbacks haven't secured any dominant wins this postseason. Their team structure isn't necessarily designed for high-scoring games. Conversely, the Rangers have moments where their immense offensive strength makes them seem invincible.

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