David Peralta of the Dodgers Undergoes Left Elbow Surgery

David Peralta of the Dodgers Undergoes Left Elbow Surgery

On Tuesday, there was surprising information regarding Dodgers outfielder David Peralta.

He shared on his Instagram that he had an operation on his left elbow.  The specific details of the procedure were not mentioned in his post.

However, given the way his arm was bandaged and braced, it's possible that he might have undergone Tommy John surgery.

In 2023, Peralta played 133 games as a left fielder for the Dodgers. He recorded a batting average of .259 with 7 home runs and 55 RBIs.

Though he had a challenging beginning, Peralta improved notably from May to August, with his batting average nearing .300 over 86 games. However, his performance declined in September, and this slump persisted into the October playoffs.

The Dodger management recently informed the media that no players would undergo surgery. However, a recent surgical procedure was unexpected, given this prior information.

In 2024, many didn't anticipate the Dodgers to re-sign Peralta. Instead, they considered giving the left field position to a rising rookie or seeking a player through free agency.

Just before spring training began in February, Peralta had secured a contract worth $6.5 million for one year.

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