Where Are The Party Animals Baseball Team From?

The Party Animals are a baseball team from Savannah, Georgia. They now play in the Banana Ball Games, which is a special version of baseball created by Jesse Cole, the Savannah Bananas owner, in 2016. This game is quicker and more fun than traditional baseball, with some different rules.

Right now, the Party Animals are in the Bananas World Tour. They’re playing against teams from different countries.

They also play exhibition matches against various local and foreign teams, but with a twist – nine different rules than usual.

The Party Animals
The Party Animals Banana Ball team with their players starting from the left: Breland Almadova, Reece Hampton, and Jake Skole.( Source : Instagram )

Ever since the Banana Ball started, there have been four main teams. The Savannah Bananas were champions three times in the Coastal Plain League before focusing only on Banana Ball.

Macon Bacon still plays in the Coastal Plain League, and the Gastonia Honey Hunters are part of the Atlantic League Of Professional Baseball. During the World Tour, they get to play against teams from other places.

The roster for the Party Animals baseball team.

The Savannah Bananas, The Party Animals, Macon Bacon, and Gastonia Honey Hunters are the exclusive teams in the Banana Ball league. One of the highlighted teams, The Party Animals, boasts a roster of 22 players for 2023, which includes notable names like Bret Helton, Dylan Porter, and Joe Lytle. Not just them, but Sean Fluke and Dalton Cornett also feature prominently in the starting lineup.

Many of these athletes have previously played for NCAA teams or pursued professional baseball. The guiding force behind The Party Animals is their head coach Mike Vavasis, assisted by Sam Claycamp.

The Party Animal
Dylan Porter made it successfully to the Party Animals roster on March 2023.( Source : Instagram )

Below is a concise list of the 19 players from The Party Animals, along with their respective positions:

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The Party Animals Team RosterPosition
1. Jake SkoleOutfielder
2. Jason SwanInfielder / Outfielder
3. Dalton CornettCatcher/Infielder
4. Tanner ThomasOutfielder
5. Reece HamptonOutfielder
6. Bryson BloomerInfielder / Outfielder
7. Dustin BaberInfielder
8. Bret HeltonRight Handed Pitcher
9. Chase AchuffInfielder / Outfielder
10. Brandon ShermanLeft handed Pitcher
11. Dylan PorterRight Handed Pitcher
12. Drew GillespieRight Handed Pitcher
13. Joe LytleCatcher
14. Colin LedbetterRight Handed Pitcher
15. Tucker PerryRight Handed Pitcher
16. Jake LialiosRight Handed Pitcher
17. Sean FlukeRight Handed Pitcher
18. Zach BlankenshipLeft Handed Pitcher
19. Garrett DelanoRight Handed Pitcher / Infielder
20. Breland AlmadovaCenter Fielder / Infielder
21. Lake LialiosCatcher
22. Carson GoldsmithPitcher

This year, the Party Animals welcome back star players Tanner Thomas, Breland Almadova, Garett Delano, and Dalton Cornett from the last World Tour.

 Tanner plays outfield for Virginia Tech, and Garett does double duty as an outfielder and pitcher from Brown University.

Breland guards the center field and represents the University of Hawaii, while Dalton is a catcher from Alice Llyod College. Together, they’re making waves with the Bad Boys of Banana Ball.

On a fresh note, Joe Lytle, Lake Lialios, and Carson Goldsmith are joining the World Tour team for their debut. Joe stands out as a catcher and first baseman from Oklahoma State University.

Lialios is a catcher from Pamona, and Goldsmith previously played as a catcher and relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins in the Minor Leagues.

They, along with other players, are hired by the team as free agents and receive professional salaries.

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Many players are drawn to the Banana Ball teams because of their catchy motto: “We Make Baseball Fun.” Their presence on social media is notable, often seen enjoying their games in playful attire.

At Bananaland, the rules are more relaxed to ensure the fun continues.

Coaches For The Party Animals

The Party Animals baseball team is led by two talented coaches, Mike Vavasis and Sam Claycamp.

Vavasis, previously a catcher at Eckerd College in Florida, has an athletic background in bodybuilding, having taken part in the NPC Men’s Physique competition. He brings a cheerful energy to Bananaland’s beloved baseball squad.

The Party Animals
The head coach, Vavasis, has experience in bodybuilding and used to be a catcher.( Source : Instagram )

On the other hand, Claycamp hails from the University of Dayton Athletics, having played as an infielder. He focuses on guiding the team’s catchers and shortstops and offers coaching training sessions for Bananaland’s athletes.

Baseball Schedule for the Party Animals

The Party Animals have an upcoming baseball game in San Jose, California at Excite Ballpark on 25 July 2023, starting at 7:00 PM. Two days later, on 27 July, they’ll play in Fresno at Chukchansi Park.

The Party Animals
The Party Animals always announce their lineup prior to each game, as stated on their schedule..( Source : Twitter )

Here’s a quick look at their future games for the Banana Ball World Tour,It also consist of names of the baseball games that will host:

  • 25 July: San Jose, Excite Ballpark, 7:00 PM.
  • 27 July: Fresno, Chukchansi Park, 7:00 PM.
  • 29 July: Sacramento, Sutter Health Park, 7:00 PM.
  • 3-5 August: Savannah, Historic Grayson Stadium, 7:00 PM.
  • 9 August: Trenton vs. Trenton Thunder, Trenton Thunder Ballpark, 7:00 PM.
  • 11-12 August: Staten Island vs. Staten Island Ferryhawks, SIUH Community Park, 7:00 PM.
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Over the last six months, starting from 17 February 2023, the Party Animals have showcased their skills in various states. They’ve formed a fierce rivalry with the Savannah Bananas. Interestingly, both teams have the same owner but operate as distinct entities. They’re not the only teams in the mix. Macon Bacon and Gastonia Honey Hunters have also been a part of the World Tour.

A noteworthy point is the good deeds of the Party Animals and Savannah Bananas. They’ve contributed to charity in Georgia using the proceeds from their tickets.

Baseball tickets for the Party Animals team.

Party Animals Baseball game tickets are booked solid for 2023. Prices on Vivid Seats ranged from $189 to $400.

Every seat is taken for the entire World Games season, as noted on the Savannah Bananas website. Matches will be in cities like Savannah, Trenton, and Staten Island.

The last match is in Cooperstown, New York at Doubleday Field, scheduled for 1:00 PM. Before this, the team will play at the NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse.

There might be a chance for tickets for the September 14 game at NBT Bank Stadium. If any ticket frees up, those registered might get a shot at it.

Savannah Bananas Face Off Against The Party Animals

On 24th July 2023, the Savannah Bananas faced off against the Party Animals. The Bananas clinched victory, scoring their winning 4th run in the last innings after being tied 3-3.

The Party Animals had a tough run, playing back-to-back against the Bananas from 21st to 23rd July. Sadly for them, all three matches ended in defeat.

In the Savanna Ball league, there are four teams, but the spotlight often shines brightest on the matches between the Bananas and Party Animals. Interestingly, both teams are owned by the same person. However, they are distinct clubs with a palpable rivalry.

The Bananas, after securing wins from 21st to 23rd July, have their eyes set on their next match in San Jose on 25th July. Despite both teams being fierce on the field, the Bananas seem to have the upper hand lately, especially in the closing moments.

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