Wiffle Ball Strike Zone and Field Dimensions 2023

The Wiffle ball strike zone measures about 30 inches in length and between 20 to 22 inches in width. It stands 24 inches above the ground at its lowest point.

This game is growing in popularity because of its straightforward rules and fun nature. It’s essential to have a Wiffle ball strike zone, whether you buy one or make it yourself.

A highlight of this game is the range of pitching techniques you can perfect. With dedicated training, a player can produce notable twists and turns in their throws.

Wiffle balls are useful for batters aiming to get better at hitting curveballs and sliders. By practicing in a controlled setting, they can mirror real-game scenarios and enhance their performance.

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all for field sizes due to varied league guidelines, the New Baltimore Wiffle Ball League provides some suggested measurements. These cover the gaps between bases, the pitcher’s area, and the boundaries marking the outfield.

Wiffle Ball Strike Zone Dimensions

The rules for Wiffle ball define specific measurements for its field and equipment. The Wiffle Ball strike zone’s height can be anywhere from 3 to 4 feet.

On the ground, there’s a 42 ft. line for a single and a 65 ft. line for a double. These lines stretch from one foul line to the other.

Wiffle Ball Strike Zone
Engage in the field where a ball is thrown. ( Source : instagram )

The space from the home plate to the foul poles should be between 80 and 105 feet. Meanwhile, the distance to the center field fence should be somewhere between 95 and 125 feet.

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One main difference from regular baseball is the absence of a pitcher’s mound. In Wiffle ball, the area where the pitcher stands is flat, and it’s level with the home plate. This spot is exactly 42 ft. away from the home plate.

For batters, there’s a designated area called the batter’s box. This box is 4 ft. wide and 6 ft. long. Behind the batter is the strike zone, which is part of the backstop. This zone measures 22″ in width and 30″ in height and starts 12″ above the ground.

Various surfaces can be used for the game, like dirt, grass, synthetic grass, concrete, or asphalt. It’s essential to have foul lines.

These lines help show what’s in and out of play, running from the home plate’s back to the foul poles in both left and right fields.

Players should use the official Wiffle Ball and not wear gloves. The only bat allowed is the yellow one, and players shouldn’t change it in any way.

Home Run Derby

For the Home Run Derby game, gather these items: a bat, ball tee, six balls, scorecards, and tape for joining chairs. Ensure you have four grown-ups to supervise.

Get some folding chairs to make scoring zones, a bucket for the balls (this is optional), some bonus rewards if you like, a spare ball tee, and think about who’s playing.

Wiffle Ball Strike Zone
Images from the Magic-Gators series!( Source : instagram )

To prepare for the game, decide where to place the ball tee. Line up chairs in semi-circles at various lengths and connect them using tape. Organize players, supporters, fielders, and runners in their positions.

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Designate adults for tasks like announcing, keeping the score, handling the ball and tee, giving tips, and watching over everyone. The main rule is simple: players get 10 tries to hit the ball from the tee. They earn points by hitting the ball beyond the taped lines.

Balls that don’t cross the first line or are hit outside don’t get any points. After 10 hits, count the points on the scorecard. If two players have the same score, they play again until someone wins.

Strikezone Construction

Constructing a durable MLW wiffle ball strike zone is a rewarding DIY project that can provide enjoyment for many years.

Here are the required materials:

  • PVC pipes (1″ diameter) of different lengths
  • PVC elbows and T-connectors
  • PVC primer and adhesive
  • A metal or aluminum sheet (22″ x 30″) with pre-cut holes on its sides
  • A saw suitable for PVC
  • Zip ties
  • Spray paint in your desired color
  • A weight for stability at the back

To create wiffle ball strike zone, follow these steps:

  1. Measure and cut the PVC pipes as needed.
  2. Set up the frame, ensuring you have the right measurements.
  3. Use the adhesive to join the PVC pieces, but leave the bottom T-connectors unglued for easy disassembly.
  4. Paint both the frame and the metal sheet in your chosen color.
  5. Secure the metal sheet to the PVC frame with zip ties.
  6. Wiffle ball strike zone is now ready for use.

Wiffle Ball Field Dimensions

Wiffle Ball fields have specific measurements. The bases are 35 ft. apart, and the distance from home plate to 2nd base is 50 ft. The pitcher’s mound is 42 ft. from home plate.

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For the outer field, the foul poles on the right and left are 95 feet away. The centerfield is further at 105 feet. The field has arcs marking distances of 15 ft, 45 ft, 65 ft, and 85 ft. These arcs show where singles, doubles, and triples happen.

Players playing wiffle ball game. ( Source : instagram )

From the home base, any barrier in the fair play zone should be at least 80 feet away. Also, the pitcher’s mound is 40 feet from the home zone’s backstop.

Remember, these measurements are for professional games. If you’re playing in your backyard, there’s no need to follow them. But for official games, it’s best to use these guidelines.

Wiffle Ball and Bat

Blitzball Strike Zone Measurements

The size of the Blitzball strike zone is 32 inches tall by 22 inches wide. For playing the game, fields typically measure 90 feet to the left, 125 feet in the middle, and 90 feet to the right.

Pitchers throw from a distance of 50 feet, and the spacing between bases is also 50 feet. The gap from the second base to home is approximately 70 feet.

Wiffle Ball Strike Zone

Blitzball is a thrilling version of backyard baseball. It lets players experience amazing curveballs, fast pitches, and standout home runs. What makes Blitzball special compared to other plastic baseballs is its unique design.

These balls are not heavy, as each weighs under 1 ounce. This means they’re safe for regular play in backyards.

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