World Series Teams Last 10 Years Champions

World Series Teams in the past decade, like the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, and Atlanta Braves, along with 10 more, have been part of the World Series. From 2013 onwards, eight different teams have claimed the title.

The Astros, the current World champions, clinched victory in both 2017 and 2022. The Boston Red Sox also won the title twice, in 2013 and 2018.

The World Series is the top event after the regular baseball season. It’s where the best Major League Baseball (MLB) teams from the National and American Leagues play to determine the year’s champion.

This championship started in 1903 and has been a major annual event since then. The winner is decided after a seven-game series between the top two teams.

To reach this stage, teams have to win in the Division and Championship Series of their respective leagues under MLB.

The World Series games are often called the Fall Classic because they happen in October, just as winter begins.

The champion team gets a big trophy from MLB. Additionally, each team member gets a ring to remember the win.

World Series Teams Over the Past 10 Years

Over the past ten years, eight teams, including the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Dodgers, have clinched the World Series title. In total, 13 teams made it to the championship.

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The Astros stood out, winning titles in two of the four times they reached the World Series. The Dodgers followed closely, reaching the series three times.

Additionally, the Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Royals each played in the World Series twice. Notably, the Red Sox were champions in both their appearances.

Over the past decade, the following baseball teams have competed in the World Series:

  • In 2022 – Houston Astros (Champions) vs. Philadelphia Phillies, with a 4 – 2 score.
  • In 2021 – Atlanta Braves (Champions) vs. Houston Astros, with a 4 – 2 score.
  • In 2020 – Los Angeles Dodgers (Champions) vs. Tampa Bay Rays, with a 4 – 2 score.
  • In 2019 – Washington Nationals (Champions) vs. Houston Astros, with a 4 – 3 score.
  • In 2018 – Boston Red Sox (Champions) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, with a 4 – 1 score.
  • In 2017 – Houston Astros (Champions) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, with a 4 – 3 score.
  • In 2016 – Chicago Cubs (Champions) vs. Cleveland Indians, with a 4 – 3 score.
  • In 2015 – Kansas City Royals (Champions) vs. New York Mets, with a 4 – 1 score.
  • In 2014- San Fransisco Giants (Champions) vs. Kansas City Royals, with a 4 – 3 score.
  • In 2013- Boston Red Sox (Champions) vs. St. Louis Cardinals, with a 4 – 2 score.

Houston Astros

In the last ten years, the Houston Astros made it to the World Series four times. They won the championship in 2022.

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Back in 2017, the Astros clinched their first World Series title by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers. This win came 55 years after the team was formed in 1962.

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In the 2017 final series, the Astros won four games and lost three to the Dodgers. This victory was a first for the state of Texas.

The Astros played in the World Series again in 2019. This time, they faced the Nationals but were defeated 4-3. In 2021, they reached the finals again but fell short, losing 4-2 to the Braves.

Their hard work paid off in 2022 when they secured their second World Series title. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 in the final series.

Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves clinched the 2021 World Series title by defeating the Astros in four out of six games. This marked their fourth championship win, but it was their first in the 2000s.

After securing the NL East division title, the Braves got a pass to advance. They then beat the Brewers in the Division Series and later secured the NLCS pennant by outplaying the Dodgers.

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Though the team had relocated to Atlanta in 1966, this was only their second World Series appearance since then.

It’s noteworthy that the Braves achieved this victory even though the Astros held a better season record and had the advantage of playing on their home field.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers went to the World Series three times in the past ten years. In 2020, they secured a victory against the Tampa Bay Rays, marking their first World Series win since 1988.

The Dodgers clinched the title by beating the Rays in four games out of a six-game series. The 2020 season was unique because it featured only 60 games.

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Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, all the games in this series took place at the Globe Life Field. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, only 11,500 fans could attend at the Rangers’ stadium.

Given the shorter regular season, the postseason games were all played at this neutral venue rather than team home stadiums.

Corey Seager, the Dodgers shortstop, was named the World Series MVP. He had a batting average of .400 and an on-base percentage of .566, having hit two home runs and secured five RBI.

Washington Nationals

In 2019, the Washington Nationals reached their first World Series and emerged victorious. Up to that point, it was their only full postseason participation.

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During that World Series, they clinched four out of the seven matches, edging out the Astros with a 4-3 series win.

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Impressively, all four of the Nationals’ victories came at the Astros’ home ground, Minute Maid Park.

Even with the Astros holding home-field benefits, the Nationals managed to beat them 6-2 in the decisive seventh match on October 30th. This victory marked the Nationals as the first MLB road team to win all seven games in a Championship series.

In fact, across all major North American sports leagues, no other visiting team had ever won every single one of their postseason games on the road before.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have claimed victory in two World Series titles in the last ten years. They won the championships in 2013 and 2018.

In 2013, they secured their championship title by beating the Cardinals in a series of seven matches. The Red Sox clinched the title in just six games, winning four and losing two.

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They started with a win at Fenway Park but faced defeats in the next two games against the Cardinals.

However, they bounced back and won the next three matches, marking their eighth World Series title.

In 2018, the Red Sox triumphed again, capturing their ninth World Series title. They defeated the Dodgers in a series of seven, winning four and letting the Dodgers win just one.

The series concluded in five games, with the Dodgers’ only victory coming in the third match.

Chicago Cubs

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs played in the World Series. It was their first appearance since 1945, marking a gap of 71 years.

That year, they secured the championship title by defeating Cleveland in four out of seven matches.

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This victory in 2016 was notable as it ended a significant 107-year wait for the Cubs, with their prior World Series win being in 1908. This was shortly after the start of the championship in 1903.

During the 2016 series against the Indians, the Cubs faced initial challenges. They lost the first match at Progressive Field but managed to win the next one.

Even though they faced two more defeats, the Cubs turned things around by winning the final three matches and securing the title.

Kansas City Royals

Over the last decade, the Kansas City Royals made it to the World Series two times. In 2014, they reached the finals but lost to the San Francisco Giants.

However, they came back strong in 2015. That year, they played against the New York Mets. After five games, the Royals emerged victorious with a three-game lead.

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This win in 2015 was their second World Series title, with their first one being in 1985.

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In 2014, the Royals were close to winning but were defeated 4-3 by the Giants. But in 2015, things were different.

The Royals started by winning the first two games against the Mets. Even though the Mets secured a win in the third game, the Royals took the next two, securing the championship in only five games.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants played in the World Series a single time during the last ten years. In 2014, they clinched the championship title after beating the Royals in four out of the seven matches.

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The series kicked off with the Giants beating the Royals 7-1 on October 21. However, they faced defeats in the next two rounds. By the fourth game, the Giants managed to secure another win.

When they played the fifth match at their home, AT&T Park in San Francisco, the Giants won. The Royals bounced back in the sixth game, but the Giants sealed their championship in the final seventh game.

Which MLB Teams Have Never Made To World Series?

The Seattle Mariners are the only baseball team that hasn’t played in the World Series. Until 2007, the Colorado Rockies were also on this list.

In 2007, even though the Rockies made it to the World Series, they didn’t win a single game in the seven-game series. The Boston Red Sox beat them in all four matches, becoming that year’s champions.

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The Mariners almost won the American League Championship Series in 2000 and 2001. Both times, they faced the champions of that time, the New York Yankees, but couldn’t clinch a victory.

From their first year onward, after two consecutive losses, the Mariners didn’t make it to the postseason games until 2022.

But in that year, they were defeated in the AL Division Series by the Houston Astros.

Besides the Mariners and Rockies, the Milwaukee Brewers were on the list of teams without a World Series appearance until 1982.

In their debut World Series, they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in four out of seven games.

MLB Teams Yet to Won A World Series

In Major League Baseball, several teams have not secured a World Series title.

These teams include the Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Tampa Bay Rays, and Seattle Mariners.

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Notably, out of these teams, the Seattle Mariners are unique as they have never made it to the World Series match itself.

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